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  1. This happens to me occasionally in the stock SMS app when texting. Mine keeps going until I hit another key.
  2. Stock assigned 1/20/2020. USA, non-IGG, QWERTY, #7174, paid August 2nd 2019. Update... Got tracking number and Order Complete e-mail. Delivery expected Jan 29th. Any info on whether customs duty has to be paid?
  3. I'm not worried about delays. I'm more worried about Fx not being able to take enough orders to make this a viable business venture. I plunked down $1000 to reserve an Elio back in 2014 and still no car, so waiting a few months for a phone is no big deal. I'll just have to put up with my outdated MyTouch 4g for another month or two.
  4. Same deal for me with an auto-decline on my Visa, but I know my bank is super-strict with overseas purchases over $100. Got my e-mail on 7/31 but had to wait until today ( 8/1 ) so that I could call during banking hours to get the lock lifted AND wait for the automated fraud detection call from Visa. It is a painful 15-minute process but I do understand the need for it.
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