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  1. This is a detailed explanation of the key character map files: https://source.android.com/devices/input/key-character-map-files I am trying to achieve something similar, will post if find a way. Currently only change i saw was that the "custom keymaps" switch is enabled in the settings, but could not get to work anything.
  2. This will not work on stock. If you're on lineageOS, it should be very simple to root it and use the advanced charging controller. My worries were around not being able to use google pay, but there are ways how to hide it completely and even make google pay work on a rooted LOS.
  3. Key2 owner in the process of converting to pro1. What will disappoint you: bulky, heavy device pretty large keyboard, hard to type, needs a lot of practice complicated unlocking, very unreliable fingerprint sensor (compared to key2 where you just place your thumb at the spacebar while grabbing the phone and it's unlocked at the time you pick it up) sw maturity, my phone came with unlocked bootloader, was not able to get google pay, netflix and some other apps running. rumor is out there the newer phones should be locked, mine was delivered in early Aug curved
  4. update: for me the solution was to move to lineageos and install acc module with setting up lower temperatures https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/module-magic-charging-switch-cs-v2017-9-t3668427
  5. So guys, can you confirm i'm not the only one reaching almost 60C temperatures because of faulty battery/controller or anything? I see mention of a protective behavior of stopping the charging once temperature is too high. Can this be a sw issue?
  6. thanks. I tried 3C and it's giving me same temperature readings. 50+ Celsius when charging. The phone is uncomfortable hot, i don't even want to leave it for a full cycle. Does your phone really charge on AC under 30 deg Celsius?
  7. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digibites.accubattery this is what I'm using to get the battery temperature readings
  8. Do you think it's a faulty device or charger? Please, what is your opinion on opening a support request with fxtec?
  9. sorgo

    Camera UI

    The two bottom ones are from web, i couldn't restore it to the original UI that came out of the box.
  10. My measurement via AccuBattery showed up to 56 C temperature for charging with the out of the box charger. I was able to test a few more chargers and found one that plays nice, so I don't have to worry about my phone catching fire or being uncomfortably hot when picking it up. For comparison my old phone charges with QC3.0 and temperature is 41 C. What are your experiences? Is 56 too much? What do you see when charging? Is it something waiting for a firmware fix or it's not considered to be an issue by fxtec? Thanks
  11. sorgo

    Camera UI

    I faced some issues with the camera crashing, so decided to clear cache and storage. After that the UI has changed (see attached before and after) Please, can you confirm which UI is the expected one? Thanks
  12. Is it customs fee or VAT that they want from you?
  13. Please don't. Or at least clearly separate the product review from the support communication review. We all want fxtec to get on their feet and produce more phones in the future.
  14. Part of the July 6 stock assigned family. US, still waiting for the correct end of week. Kind of hope they shipped it to the regional warehouses and the actual shipment will be overnight. Unfortunately I have no proof to support my optimistic statement.
  15. Yep, this was one of my best keyboard phones. This is what I liked, being able to control all just by the keyboard, not needed to touch the screen at all. The keyone and keytwo are a disappointment, you can't avoid touching the screen for basic functions. I especially miss the search key, which is unfortunately deprecated in higher android versions. Without root, we'll still be able to do some key remapping with 3rd party apps.
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