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  1. Really hope the uneven keyboard lighting was just a fault with the review unit. Not dealing with that on my phone...
  2. You have a link to that review? Don't see it anywhere
  3. If they gave me a shirt, it would get a lot more use and publicity than headphones
  4. We're both entitled to an opinion, no need to be disrespectful though. Have a good day
  5. Why even dangle the possibility of the phone shipping out before 10/29?
  6. I asked them to include an option for a phone skin as I'm sure it would be hard to find anyway and a nice alternative to the case. Topic didn't get any traction. I would be willing to to take a shirt instead of headphones or a case as well. Considering they can barely get the phone out on time, I doubt they would want to entertain giving us options on our included accessories. Even if it's a few dollars, I wish we could get that back if we opted out of the accessories. I agree the case and headphones will be almost meaningless to me. Unless these are next level headphones they're including
  7. Have we gotten any updates on using the Pro1 on CDMA carriers like Sprint and Verizon? I know the phone supports the bands but does it actually work? I would think beta testing and the delays would've given ample time to confirm this...
  8. You have a lot of time on your hands lol. Regardless it's sad that we have to piece this info together ourselves from different sources, not to mention it all means nothing and is subject to change. Until we have tracking numbers, nothing is certain
  9. Not to get technical but I count more than you did. July to summer - 1 September/summer to early October - 2 Early October to mid/late October - 3 Time will tell if there's another delay... We're obviously getting closer but the delays are real and frequent enough to be a problem for some.
  10. Objectively speaking I agree with him. We were the first to pay for the device months ago and support an unknown company when mainstream consumers typically wouldn't. I think some type of token saying sorry and thank you would go a long way here.
  11. So we are delayed again to mid or late October? Honestly I don't know what to think of that. Will they tell us if we're in the first or second batch? Really hate the obscurity going on, not kidding I feel like a fool right now. Even if it is just another week...
  12. I've told family and friends about the Pro1 and how excited I am, how much I spent on the phone and the fact that I've never bought a new phone ever but I'm willing to this time because I really like the device and want to support the company. How disappointing is it that every time they ask me about it, I say it's been delayed? And I've been saying that since July... Not kidding my brother just told me yesterday I wonder when you're going to give up and get a new phone
  13. If they time to post on social media, they have time to update us on project status. A long time ago they said they wouldn't take payments until they were 2-3 weeks from shipping. I paid 2 months ago for my preorder. Over the past few months I've seen all kinds of new phones getting released and I'm still here waiting for my Pro1. This wait is beyond frustrating and I'm not even sure it's worth it anymore. I can get a new phone from a major brand that has all their ducks in a row for half this price or even less. Sure no keyboard, but at least I get the support I am used to as a paying custom
  14. Are they talking about pre-order or orders placed after the pre orders closed?
  15. How close exactly? No ship date or updates since the newsletter from two weeks ago. Would like an official update
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