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  1. all my phones' IR and FM radio receiver functionality hasn't seen much use sans showing off. I don't have any IR receiving devices anymore and audiobooks/spotify have taken over the FM radio's role I guess if the world ends, I'll curse myself for buying the F(x) without FM - so I can't listen to emergency broadcasts.. oh wait, they send them via sms now
  2. I'm a long time dual SIM user (currently on my second LG G4 Dual) most app devs seem not to be aware there could be multiple sims, so they default to the first (slot 0) on the LG's ROM you can choose which SIM is for the data connection
  3. +1 IPS would be great, additional stylus support a bonus
  4. AMOLED burn in is real curved screens are NOT Functional
  5. dual sim is only useful if you dont have to break your phones disk into 2 parts to use it usually I use my second sim, when abroad when abroad, I really need to use extended storage for offline navigation, filming, photos
  6. why do people care about the thickness of phones? I've been using phones with fat batteries for years and never had them not fit anywhere
  7. EVERY phone I've had, I've always had a bunch of batteries with me to keep the phone going trough the day/weekend/trip you can use a universal cheapo charger from ebay to charge them much much better than dangling a battery bank off the phone 24/7 +1 its ok if I need to screw a few set screws holding the backplate in place to preserve your IP rating – like, who of us Functionalists dont carry a philips head with them daily :D I personally do not care about the IP rating, unless you can take the phone underwater (in salt water) I’ve successfully saved a fully submerged non-water
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