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  1. I have the same issue in Austria, no solution yet. Dont share your payment details unless directed by fxtec, this way you dont get taxed 2x. Have you spoken to Customs?
  2. “The product is currently in our fulfilment warehouse awaiting to be packaged up and shipped to you in the coming days. Our warehouse is processing the queue as quickly as possible before their shutdown for the Chinese New Year holidays.” loophole?
  3. Just curious, where are you getting these numbers from?
  4. @EskeRahn I just read about your case mods, you did a great job on the docu. regarding all aspects of the device + case. Last night I dreamt that I got my pro1 aka the Sexy Klickboard. In that same dream I also got the headphones and case that Fx included for preorders in 02/2019. I have this wet dream way too often, but last night was the first time I saw the case. I swear it looked identical to your prototypes ( precision fabricated ). Once all the devices are delivered I hope fx will design the case to help fight off water or impact. However, I stumbled across this entry on your blo
  5. Good idea, fire departments are not good at recovering money from internet purchases. I think instead my CC will help... They shake down any payment over 200€ Challenge accepted!
  6. I agree with this and using the correct order for filing a claim will be used of needed. side note: asking the CC company that I pay for advice or starting a claim is not a waste of their time, its their job... Its also the function of the company... Its hard to sympathize for a business, even small startups with a great product. Talk is cheap, Fx cant seem to keep up w. the small guy. random thoughts...
  7. refund request seems perfectly acceptable. I would rather use the protection of my CC than putting faith into a company that lacks transparency. Ill be filing my claim shortly. I work to keep my credit rating in check...
  8. @EskeRahn the best dogs choose their owner. Im sorry for your loss. I am happy that you both got an awesome friend. With that being said, heres a pic of my boy when he decided to play with wasps this summer. Im sure you got similar memories to enjoy! Wrong thread, search for “off topic edible pets”
  9. Are these old pics? I count 120 devices, I thought the first batch was 150 devices? I have heard that “all preorders are expected before xmas” a few days later I was told “by the 20th” This doesn’t seem possible unless they can put out 1000 devices per day.
  10. anything between 0001 and 9999? I have the same number range. Above or below #5XXX? =]
  11. Since they prioritized preorder payment. It would only be fair to share details regarding our position in shipment. I dont care when they ship, but it would be nice to have customer service that cared; like they use to be. hah They told me that I should either postpone delivery or cancel the order as i will be out of town
  12. Its kind of strange that in the account “order” section indicates “future payment” as well as “processing”. I asked about my payment and order details and was told that im all paid up and that they see how quick we paid, they speculated I would be second batch. All future contact with customer service has been terrible, they dont read messages, reply with canned responses and instead directed me to the community.
  13. (no igg, qwerty, EU plug) I also preordered within two hours of the email announcement on February 28th. I too have a #57xx. Also when the payment email arrived, I paid via CC within two hours... I was told that I would be part of batch two. According to the team, orders are assigned and shipped based on IGG, preorder # and how fast we paid. This indicates that a #10xxx could be prioritized based on payment. Although IGG tends to get first dibs they could be placed at the end of the line due to late payment. As for you @PanicBrothers and I have no idea where we stand. my payme
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