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  1. +1 for the game gripper. I will definitely buy one if this materializes.
  2. I'm hoping for a phone with more screen to body ratio. I've got a Pixel 3xl and have had no problems getting its 6.3 inch screen into a pocket. It's 18.5 x 9. I'd love something in the 6-6.5 inch range with small bezels and maybe QHD.
  3. Just an update, EasySkinz emailed me again and told me that provided everything goes well between them and F(x)tec they should have a skin/wrap available shortly after the Pro1 is released.
  4. Over the past few weeks I've contacted a variety of phone wrap/skin companies asking about making something for the Pro1. I got a lot of kindly worded no's until I contacted EasySkinz. They're a UK based company I believe and they took a look at the Pro1, liked it, and contacted the F(x)Tec team for details and measurements. The F(x)Tec team confirmed today that EasySkinz contacted them so my fingers are crossed and hopefully there will be a skin/wrap option for the Pro1 soon since case options will likely be limited.
  5. I just ran across this. Looks like Fuchsia just added Snapdragon 835 support. This could be interesting later on down the road. https://9to5google.com/2019/07/11/fuchsia-official-snapdragon-835-google-pixel-2/
  6. I'd be completely on board with subscription based updates for more current OS longevity.
  7. I just received these guys to try out on the Pro1 when I get it. We'll see if they work. I found them on eBay.
  8. Well they just tweeted some images of the included headphones.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't seen any mention of the headphones that are supposed to be given out to pre-orders. Has anyone heard any information on them?
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