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  1. jjarmasz

    Spare Parts

    Ok, so way back when I said "I'll keep you guys posted" about my adventures trying to get my screen replaced. 7 months later, here's an update: Tl;dr: I still have not been able to get an official replacement screen from F(x)tec. 7 months of having effectively abandoned my Pro1 for practical reasons, and not being involved with the community at all. Trying to talk myself out of demanding a refund for the replacement screen I ordered, but I can't say that's going well. So the first thing I did was check eBay in case anyone was selling Pro1 parts, or just a dead Pro1 for parts. I was i
  2. jjarmasz

    Spare Parts

    "Narcissistic camera: lol I like that.... But about the F(x)tec "tech kit: going for $219 right now: like you say, in includes a few things, like a spare battery. It's actually not a bad thing. But if I just need a screen assembly and don't want a battery I shouldn't have to pay for that too. Anyway... I'll keep you guys posted about what I do.
  3. jjarmasz

    Spare Parts

    I might eventually consider that route (and/or get the help of a trustworthy repair person as @EskeRahn suggested). I have replaced screens on some old phones before, and I far prefer to just replace the whole assembly rather than trying to just replace the glued-in AMOLED panel itself. But waiting until Aug 2021 for a $250 kit from FxTec seems a bit much...
  4. jjarmasz

    Spare Parts

    Right... thanks, My biggest concern is that I am quite happy to deal with connector ribbons and screws, but I haven't fared well dealing with adhesives in phones...
  5. jjarmasz

    Spare Parts

    So... is the "tech bundle" on Indiegogo the only realistic option for getting a spare screen? (short of getting a defective Pro1 for parts, assuming the screen is ok). I dropped my phone yesterday (common theme here!) and while the screen did not crack, it stopped working (i.e., screen will not turn on) even though the phone still works (notification LED lights up, I feel the fingerprint sensor buzzer going). I opened the screen assembly and discovered that the ribbon connector for the AMOLED panel itself just broke off (it didn't just get dislodged, the ribbon itself tore - see photo). S
  6. I saw one reference earlier in the thread to banking apps working fine. Has anyone else tried out other apps with security requirements? I'm specifically of enterprise provisioning stuff like Microsoft Intune Company Portal. I'm actually using my Pro1 for work (THIS IS WHAT KEYBOARDS ARE MADE FOR!!) and I don't want to switch from stock to 17.1 or any custom ROM if it can't support Intune...
  7. Greenify caught my eye (maybe because it's highlighted 🙂)... haven't used that app since Android 6/7 or so! Does it actually have any benefits on these recent versions of Android? I thought the "native" power management had made it quite obsolete by now...
  8. I regularly either mute myself or activate some other function by accident on "traditional" phone calls with this phone. And it's also slow to turn the screen on when I move the phone away from my head. There is definitely something weird with this proximity sensor, more so than other phones I've used.
  9. Did you look at the Dev options only? I found that the dev options settings did nothing, and that I had to turn off the aptX HD option in the Bluetooth settings (main settings, not dev) for my headset:
  10. Here's something I just noticed is also fixed in the latest 0825 update: Android PhotoScan finally works. Before it would freeze or crash - not sure I saw anyone else report this bug (some other photo scan apps would crash too).
  11. Hopefully there'll be an update soon to fix the minimum call volume being too loud (more of a problem for me than screen brightness lol) & debouncing the power button...
  12. You know what guys? I posted the wrong screenshot somehow. This is the update I got, it is indeed 08 25 like @Tsunero said. Apologies.
  13. I forgot to take my charger with me a few months ago (in The Before Times) on an overnight trip. Put my Pro1 on battery saver mode and made it through until I got home, probably close to 40 hrs round trip door-to-door (gotta say it was pretty low when I got in the door... but it was still on!)
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