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  1. Given how long the battery lasts I wouldn't be surprised if the OS is forcing the CPU into some kind of power saving/lower performance mode...
  2. Yeah, I think I'm getting the same thing. Notice it especially with the H key. Glad to know I'm not the only one, I thought maybe I was imagining it.
  3. I'm curious, how's your battery life with Android 10 GSI? (Asking because I'm quite impressed with the battery life on the Pro1 so far).
  4. That's the thing, that list of issues doesn't really give a sense of what it's like to use it...
  5. Just wondering, since I am hesitant to take the plunge and flash my new phone: has anyone been using Android 10 GSI on their Pro1 regularly? How does it compare to stock? Any important functionalities lost or messed up?
  6. Hmm... Any word on whether this also addresses some of the Bluetooth encoding (specifically aptX) issues?
  7. I did, it still didn't work for me, only SBC mode... I realize BT is generally cranky and it could just be that my headset and the phone don't like each other 😁
  8. Interesting. My headphones only support aptX, not HD. Definitely sounds (excuse the pun) like a SW/firmware bug then...
  9. Oh wow, yes, I see what you mean. The few pics I took with NightSight weren't good enough to do that kind of testing 🙂 Ok so the Pocophone port is definitely the better one.
  10. Are you really seeing a big difference between both apps in Nightside mode? I'm finding both pretty much the same - both apps have the viewfinder rotated upside down, in both the viewfinder freezes when the light is too low, but both somehow also produce good and just about identical pictures for me.
  11. I know this is an old thread, but I tried my BT earbuds that usually use aptX for the first time with the Pro1 today and they connected but got no sound. I didn't know about aptX issues until I checked the forum but it seems a few people have also encountered no music playback with aptX but yes with a downgraded codec. So this is definitely a live bug still. Hoping it will be fixed in a SW update soon...
  12. Ah, so this is probably why my BT earbuds connect but don't produce sound... They usually run using aptX, haven't tried downgrading the codec but I'll try that next. This is the first bug that is close to a showstopper for me. All the other quirks so far are livable for me as a price of having the keyboard, but my BT audio quality matters a lot to me. There had better be a software fix coming soon...
  13. Interestingly you can install both side-by-side. And TBH the only difference I have noticed so far is the UI, the Pocophone port uses the older Gcam UI. And both have the additional bug with the Nightsight viewfinder that it freezes if the light level is too low, but starts up again if you point it at brighter light.
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