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  1. To eleminate clicking/popping sound: switch off NFC. I have also experienced that annoying clicking noise, until today when I accidentaly enter into factorytest by tapping build number, and go through all of the tests. And there was an NFC test, but I had no nfc device to connect, so I switched it off. And then the clicking sound dissappeared. I tried again to switch on NFC and the clicking sound came back, and with switching off, it disappeared. 🙂
  2. Thank you for your responses! I go along with @EskeRahn's point with the German QWERTZ. As I checked, it is really "the same" layout wise as Hungarian, so if there would be a physical German QWERTZ with Hungarian language "allocation" support, that would be a dream. :)
  3. Could you add Hungarian keyboard layout to the selection, please? I've searched for physical keyboard device alternatives, but something was always lacking, most of the time not enough keys for accent characters. On my old Blackberry - although I like the device - the "long press" solution is really sluggish. Then I saw Fxtec Pro 1... and wow, I am really amazed about the construction of this device, and that polling request about keyboard layout is awesome, it feels like users do matter. I hope there will be more Hungarian fellows, who wish for a device like that, anyhow I will give my vot
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