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  1. I allready tried to switch 3g only and it gave a little more stable internet connection, but i was still unhappy with speed and call quality. Sorry i factory resetted the phone, removed my sim card and packed it again and i am too lazy to start again to tinker with pro1. Hasseb lähetin sulle tekstarin.
  2. Beacause of weak 4g antenna. I am often at work in thick concrete or steel buildings, where signal is weak and while my coworkers phones are still connected, mine won't work until i get totally outside. This is huge problem as customers and boss can't call me. Everything else works fine.
  3. Hi. Anyone from finland intrested to buy my pro1 - qwertz? I have now used the phone for around 5-months and only problems with it is small light bleed and rattle from screen. I have fixed the rattle with soft hockey tape under the screen, so it don't occur anymore. Backplate paint is also starting to show some wear because dirt have gotten under my modified huawei p30 Pro case, but if anyone is buying the phone, the case comes with it and you can just continue to use it. Modified case also has magnet attached to it, so you can use it as smartcover. Price is 600€ and i can deliver it to you around Uusimaa area. I will send more images if somebody is intrested. Phone was purhased from dragonbox store, germany.
  4. This is great!! One thing that i missed from my old phone was smart cover function. I tried android program that was doing same with just a proximity sensor but i didn't like that as it shut down the screen when ever i placed my hand even a little bit over the phone. Getting your program to work was bit difficult at first because i didn'n know that you had to allow it to work from accessibility menu. Also getting the magnet to line up perfectly with the hall sensor needed a few tries.
  5. I also tried to get audio recording to work whitout filters with multiple camera softwares but results are allways the same. Few seconds are good but then all sounds except talking voices gets cut off. Also all videos and photos are 180 turned when viewed at computer. With photos this is not a big problem but videos are harder to turn.
  6. I have issue in video recording. While playing recorded video what was supposed to be bad bearing noise i noticed that audio was almost completly muted. After testing with few videos i noticed that first 1-2seconds audio gets recorded normally and after that somesort background noice cancellation gets activated and all noises are filtered away. If i try to speak while recording it will record again normally but after that the noice cancellation cuts almost all audio again. This happens in both snapdragon and google camera software. Also all taken videos and photos are upside down when transferred to computer.
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