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  1. I just received mail for device will be shiped in February...payment date 8 Aug.
  2. Please read above message...my payment date is 8th Aug. 2019. Still no mail from fx tec.
  3. First they delivered to retailers, now normal orders... I don't know why they delaying pre-orders..can anyone explain them the meaning of Pre-order.
  4. Read all messages now..then at least you realiz
  5. That's what I say they again never keep their words. Or another example of miss management... Becoz normal order getting delivered but not the pre-orders. Done payment on 8 Aug.
  6. Its not a new thing, From the day one they were not keeping their words.
  7. Yes your right. I don't know now how they are going to deliver..I think random lucky draw...! .
  8. My one dropped down and screen broken totally... But i canot buy insted Using the same broken ...in hope....pro1 one will deliver...but I get only false promises.
  9. I don't believe an any hoax, until my device get delivered.
  10. It is getting more worse as days are passing...probably they are going to ruin my holidays...
  11. Is Fx Tec stopped replying to mails also.. I haven't received reply from them last 3 days.
  12. Before Christmas... End of December.... 1st week of Jan.....and Definitely by the 20th Jan...
  13. Do we have any retailer in this community..waiting for his devices..?
  14. Changing address will not help, But device is useless for me if I dont have before I go on holidays.
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