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  1. I'll reserve my excitement as has become standard operating procedure around here, but I'll take any good news I can get.
  2. New Model? There isn't even an old model yet! 🤣 I kid, but yeah, as Hook points out, it seems like no niche products are coming out of China right now.
  3. You're only as old as you feel. 😉
  4. That really doesn't give me any warm fuzzies. Still waiting in my case, I guess I'll wait longer and be less surprised should the wrong one show up.
  5. These guys can't catch a break. Us neither, but we know that already. I think this news calls for a pizza.
  6. Oh well, I feared that at sort of thing when I'd read about China's absolute lockdown policy on covid diagnoses. I suppose I'll just have to sit tight a bit longer.
  7. That is when I ordered too. I hadn't asked what batch I was in due to the "shipping first" email.
  8. Yeah, I was kind of thinking Fxtec dropped the units off at the shipper with no direction on what particular units should go out first, thus causing them to not fulfill their promise of getting the pro 1 replacements out before the igg pledges.
  9. Seeing the igg orders start to be sipped has caused that irritated feeling, that I thought I had completely quashed, start to reer its ugly head again. Oh well, I guess I'll go poke things with a stick to distract myself. Horray for progress being made!
  10. These optimistic shipping/production estimates combined with whatever delays we're stuck with are starting to make it feel like this:
  11. Great, now I'm getting excited every time I get an email notification.
  12. Seeing as now it's well past what most people would consider the end of the day in China, I suppose we're punting until next week again. My money would be on lockdown delays this time.
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