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  1. Yeah.. I do miss that about my droid 4.
  2. This product release has been marred by all sorts of issues. First I agree the delivery time on the website is quite deceptive. I ordered mid-March of 2020 and after some messaging through the contact form on the website asking for them to narrow down the delivery time from "the future" to anything else, they gave me a range of Jan 2021 to March 2021, and honestly, that's good enough for me. That might not even be accurate but in all honesty I don't mind. I got over the anger phase of it being late a while back. And I figure no amount of bellyaching will speed it up.
  3. In my mind, the best way to keep people from losing faith in the product when there are production delays is to be up front about the delays and keep the communication flowing. People can easily get antsy and impatient if all they hear is silence. It is the same concept behind hold music and the message that plays assuring the person on hold that their call is important. In this case it is hearing silence about a product that they likely have already been billed for. In all honesty, we would like to hear something from you guys at least weekly on the forum here. Even if there is
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