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  1. The n900 homescreen was a mess. No snap to grid, was forced landscape, things would move around semi randomly... I was always so frustrated by it.
  2. 50+ responses for a group of fewer than 1000 is pretty great.
  3. I would disagree. A sample of data does give you a good representation for a larger data set. This poll, for example, shows that the number of forum members that have the device have roughly doubled in the last month. This would align with Fxtec saying they are delivering 1/10 of pre-orders every batch, and the assumption that the 3rd batch was delivered in December.
  4. Why not? Got any other data to share? Fxtec implied that they haven't delivered more than half of the pre orders yet, so this matches with that.
  5. Just wondering how many of us actually have the device we're here to talk about, now that it's almost Christmas.
  6. Very few of us have a Pro1, give it some time 😛
  7. @netman is the community developer we need, but don't deserve!
  8. Well NOW it's 100 pages, after @EskeRahn moved everything around.... I would like more info on the production status more often if possible 🙂
  9. Woohoo! 100th page! Despite all the complaining and negativity, this at least shows that we're really interested in the Pro1 🙂
  10. Conspiracy? I just thought it was because the pro1 is a few weeks late.
  11. Wait, this thread is long? Why oh why is it so long?
  12. Google fi has a very limited selection of supported phones. You can check compatibility here: https://fi.google.com/compatibility However, unsupported phones can still work, they just won't help you set them up. See here for details: https://support.google.com/fi/answer/6330195?hl=en
  13. Fxtec is trying to reduce panic, and I understand. I suppose their philosophy is: less information means less to panic about.
  14. At least one other user has regretted selling the phone... 30 minutes probably isn't enough time to get the feel for something you'll use daily for years. Maybe give it another shot?
  15. So no one has anything higher than 127? Really? Have so few devices been made?
  16. That is probably your order number. Serial numbers are the device numbers, which may or may not correlate with production numbers.
  17. I don't have a Pro1, but I'm just curious about what the highest serial numbers people have are 🙂
  18. Did fxtec ever disclose this? Did they ever say something like "pre order customers are our third priority, after retailers and IGG motomod backers"?
  19. Well, I'm disappointed that fxtec decided to do this. It feels like you asked for my payment when you were not ready to deliver my device, and now that you're late, you sold my device to someone else who better aligns with your business. You know what builds a strong company? Trust and reliability.
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