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  1. Hi, what's the official word on when I should expect a tracking number for the Pro1 I ordered emailed to me? I don't want to bombard the Fxtec support email.
  2. I'm still here, and I'm still rooting! I just wish I had more updates.
  3. Let's be realistic here: Fxtec hasn't been reliable when commenting on the shipping dates of the phone. They have been far too optimistic, and you can't trust their new estimates. That being said, it's a unique phone and the only way I'm getting my hands on it is by waiting patiently, so I wait. And continue to wait.
  4. Only if you placed your pre-order before a certain date.
  5. The number of times I've put my priv down to wireless charge at night and then found out in the morning it was misaligned... was once. And then I never used the wireless charger again.
  6. Stock android 9 will likely only support recording the device user... but like @mcdinner says, if you enable root you should be good to go.
  7. Ah that makes sense. I just clicked the first buy button I could find.
  8. Could you post a screenshot? I see $999
  9. The Pro1 and Priv both have curved edges. My Priv is fine, but it has Gorilla Glass 4 (as stated in the comment above).
  10. It's not even that expensive! The cheapest new iPhone you can get is $999 while the Pro1 is only $729 right now.
  11. I have noticed that the screen on the Pro1 is only Gorilla Glass 3. I looked up my Priv and it seems to have had Gorilla Glass 4 installed. How much better is 4 compared to 3? I'm guessing the screen on the Pro1 will be less drop-resistant... is that the case?
  12. It has been known for a while that the pre-order price was discounted. It's extremely common for a product to increase in price once it is available.
  13. I love clever devices like this! But I do have to ask one thing, why would you want to carry around a game gripper when you could instead connect a bluetooth controller to the phone?
  14. Yes it does that if you install it. How else would it know what games you were running? Obviously there's no way for it to do that if you use the web client.
  15. This is a wordpress-based forum software, correct? Do you need a developer to fix this for you? If so, I'd be willing to put in a few hours to help out.
  16. Sure I could use any launcher I want, but I want to use the pro1 launcher, and I want to contribute back to the community.
  17. There are a lot of software developers interested in this phone, including myself! Will the custom keyboard and launcher software be open source? I'd really like to be able to contribute to the community with some pull requests or even just bug reports.
  18. You want a cheap qwerty $200 phone with a 4.6" screen? Get the Unihertz Titan... maybe the pro1 isn't for you? Frankly I hope the next fxtec device will get more expensive and include higher quality parts. Don't be scared to compete with the iPhone! Apple is charging $999 for the cheapest iPhone 11 Pro. It would be awesome to have an option to get a better CPU, more RAM, bigger battery, etc. I've been using a 6.4" slab device for the last while and it's a fine size when the onscreen keyboard isn't in use. Previously I used a Priv with a 5.4" screen and it almost felt cramped to do any pr
  19. Oh no! Discord logs your IP? What do you think this website is doing? ?
  20. I sincerely appreciate all the work you're putting in. Please keep it up, only a bit more to go! Make this device the way you want it to be. These things.... they take time.
  21. I am glad we were updated with the status of the project. I would like to see continued transparency and even more details if possible, especially now that there are delays.
  22. Yeah I hope so! I just want to get an update. Nothing rude about that, just let me know how things are going.
  23. Can we get an official post somewhere to confirm this?
  24. What did your order say? When I placed my payment, this is the notice I received: We are beginning the manufacturing in the next few weeks with estimated first shipping to pre-order customers during the 2nd week of September.
  25. I like the layout because it means the qwerty keys are centered on the display. If you moved the left character buttons to the right of the qwerty keys, the keyboard would be weirdly asymmetrical and probably more difficult to type on.
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