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  1. My Pro 1 left HK on 1/20, then JP early 1/21 (local time), evening (5:40pm) 1/22 Charles De Gaulle/France, now in Cologne (10:27pm). Really fast until now. And nothing about customs, duty or something. ETA friday.
  2. OK. Now with "Pro 1 is coming", I began thinking about protection for the phone. Until now I see "P20 Pro cases" are the best known solution, with flipcases for a little protection for the screen part. 1. A case like the slide-out hardshell of the Priv is impossible because the Pro 1 does not slide straight - correct? 2. But what is about a simple bumper "frame" like the Moto Z (the first one) has been deliverd with? Together with a simple PU-Case for the keyboard-part such a bumper could protect the display, when dropping the Pro 1. The main
  3. Stock assigned Order #321xx qwertZ EU/Germany IGG Coupon 19. August
  4. I read this somewhere, too. But a tracking-mail by UPS/Fedex/whatever with "package handled over" (not only "lable created"), maybe equal to people with a self-imposed deadline. Only as far as I know, no one got one or the other since at least 1,5 weeks, maybe longer.
  5. OK. I have no pro1 so far. But I read about the problem, the touchscreen reacts, when typing the number row. Maybe the deadzone feature (above) would be helpful. I have another suggestion: what about disabling the complete touch screen while typing. implementation 1: when typing the screen could be unresponsible for a short period of time (200ms) But the type could already do something on the touch screen implementation 2a: one shortcut on the keyboard could toggle deactivate / activate the touchscreen. So I can chosse, when I need it. There should be a indication of this state
  6. This is the first time, I realize, that there is a huge difference between QWERTZ and QWERTY (I immediately googled pictures and only QWERTY is shifted!) @Locane: sorry to hear, that you are not happy with the Pro1. Would you be so kind to tell us, what QWERTY/QWERTZ phones you did use and were happy with (the keyboard)? This could be really helpful to other people, considering to buy a pro1 (or waiting for it and considering alternatives).
  7. @Val: OK. I have to specify: I have calculated with 50 - 100 delivered devices for non-IGG-preorders. With the 0,5% info this may be to high. (and I counted devices not orders, so I count the retailer devices as 40-90 devices not as 2-4 orders) What do you think are the boundary values? Here is a shorter form for the speculated values IGG preordered devices min - max IGG delivered devices min - max preordered devices min - max (including the IGG) total delivered devices min -max (including the IGG) So my values from the last po
  8. OK. Thanks for your answers! So I did not miss too much within almost 100 pages here. The production status we know today is: batch 1+2 are out and a retailer-batch, too (maybe this has been batch 3 with the higher percentage of qwertz). And the serial number thread indicates that there are considerably less than 200 devices out in the wild. (maybe 160, a quarter via retailers?) Somewhere in the thread were "informed speculations" about preorders: maximum 1000 IGG backers (probable much less) about 10.000 oreordered devices with a big impreciseness
  9. Sorry. I lost the track about the current status of batches and so on. (many messages to read, many things are happening here 🙂 ) As far as I know there has been a "batch 1": arrived some time ago. US-part of this patch is lost space at the moment "batch 2": produced November / shipping week DEC2-6 / replacement for batch 1 US and some others worldwide. "special batch for retails": see long discussions. arrived retailers, got resend, arrived at lucky customers. "batch 3": produced DEC2-6 / shipping week DEC9-13 / has been at warehouse on DEC 13, no stock assignment mai
  10. As I remember, there were retailers who backed keyboard-mod-packages. Maybe they had a Pro1-"deal" like the IGG-Coupon, too.
  11. Maybe @Erik can give an status-update. One hour ago he reacted to another post in the "Got your Pro1"-Thread. So he is active in the forum today and should be aware of the "retailer get their non-igg+non-preorder-orders-already"-thing 😉
  12. @kashif: any sign of delivery before? Stock-Mail? Tracking-Mail? UPS-Mail? Or complete surprise? And: have fun with the phone 🙂
  13. Problem for IGG-Backers: if we cancel our order to buy the phone via retailer, we get back our paid money, but loose the IGG-money, because the coupon expires. So maybe the backers are less likely to cancel their orders than "normal"-preorder-customer.
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