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  1. My Pro 1 left HK on 1/20, then JP early 1/21 (local time), evening (5:40pm) 1/22 Charles De Gaulle/France, now in Cologne (10:27pm). Really fast until now. And nothing about customs, duty or something. ETA friday.
  2. OK. Now with "Pro 1 is coming", I began thinking about protection for the phone. Until now I see "P20 Pro cases" are the best known solution, with flipcases for a little protection for the screen part. 1. A case like the slide-out hardshell of the Priv is impossible because the Pro 1 does not slide straight - correct? 2. But what is about a simple bumper "frame" like the Moto Z (the first one) has been deliverd with? Together with a simple PU-Case for the keyboard-part such a bumper could protect the display, when dropping the Pro 1. The main problem could be, that this frame has to be very slim between the keyboard and the display, maybe with this you could solve the "touch the screen while using number-row on the keyboard"-problem for some users. 3. Another idea for the screen-part: Did anyone already test such a universal bumper?
  3. Stock assigned Order #321xx qwertZ EU/Germany IGG Coupon 19. August
  4. I read this somewhere, too. But a tracking-mail by UPS/Fedex/whatever with "package handled over" (not only "lable created"), maybe equal to people with a self-imposed deadline. Only as far as I know, no one got one or the other since at least 1,5 weeks, maybe longer.
  5. ps555

    Feature Requests

    OK. I have no pro1 so far. But I read about the problem, the touchscreen reacts, when typing the number row. Maybe the deadzone feature (above) would be helpful. I have another suggestion: what about disabling the complete touch screen while typing. implementation 1: when typing the screen could be unresponsible for a short period of time (200ms) But the type could already do something on the touch screen implementation 2a: one shortcut on the keyboard could toggle deactivate / activate the touchscreen. So I can chosse, when I need it. There should be a indication of this state implementation 2b: like 2a, but with auto-reactivate after a user-specified time (2 or 5 seconds e.g.). There could be a small indication bar on the screen a reactivation countdown, that lets me renew the deactivation. Maybe there is already an app, that can do this, or we can ask the developer of an slightly similar app to add this feature for us. There are apps in the play store, that can block the touchscreen, but for e.g. handle over the phone to a kid and prevent accidentially touch or for non-touch while Netflix.
  6. This is the first time, I realize, that there is a huge difference between QWERTZ and QWERTY (I immediately googled pictures and only QWERTY is shifted!) @Locane: sorry to hear, that you are not happy with the Pro1. Would you be so kind to tell us, what QWERTY/QWERTZ phones you did use and were happy with (the keyboard)? This could be really helpful to other people, considering to buy a pro1 (or waiting for it and considering alternatives).
  7. @Val: OK. I have to specify: I have calculated with 50 - 100 delivered devices for non-IGG-preorders. With the 0,5% info this may be to high. (and I counted devices not orders, so I count the retailer devices as 40-90 devices not as 2-4 orders) What do you think are the boundary values? Here is a shorter form for the speculated values IGG preordered devices min - max IGG delivered devices min - max preordered devices min - max (including the IGG) total delivered devices min -max (including the IGG) So my values from the last post would be in this short form: IGG preordered devices 200 - 1000 IGG delivered devices 50 - 100 total preordered devices 5000 - 10000 total delivered devices 100 - 200 ...simply calculated to ranges of 5%-50% of IGG fulfilment and 1% - 4% of total fulfilment. The basis of my speculations are highest known serial number for deliverd devices (*) some numbers about IGG-backer numbers, I have found in this thread some numbers about order numbers and percentage of real preorders/orders from this thread (*): here I think, that @elvissteinjr is right with the assumption, that there can not be so much people until now, who are not enthusiastic enough to post higher serial numbers in the thread. Do the japanese people have any interesting numbers? (higher serial number...)
  8. OK. Thanks for your answers! So I did not miss too much within almost 100 pages here. The production status we know today is: batch 1+2 are out and a retailer-batch, too (maybe this has been batch 3 with the higher percentage of qwertz). And the serial number thread indicates that there are considerably less than 200 devices out in the wild. (maybe 160, a quarter via retailers?) Somewhere in the thread were "informed speculations" about preorders: maximum 1000 IGG backers (probable much less) about 10.000 oreordered devices with a big impreciseness Concluding: in the first month of real production the output / production status so far has been: optimistic calculation / speculation 50% of the IGG devices delivered (100 devices send out of 200 IGG orders) 4% of all preorders delivered (200 devices of 5000 preorders) pessimistic calc/spec 5% of IGG orders (50 IGG devices of 1000 preorders) 1% of all preorders delivered (100 devices of 10.000 preorders) Another infos we had somewhere: they do not make a (xmas-)holiday-break. (but maybe the logistics, but because they send it directly to us, this should be no problem) there will be a chinese new year holiday break (beginning around 20th-25th january) Open question for future speculations: is the output growing and how fast? is it plausible, they can Based on this speculatuve range of output and possible growth, I can now think about these questions: will I get a Pro1? when will I get my Pro1? is end of january plausible? disclaimer: this is based on the collected "informations" we have until now. And because these are very vague, I think it is better called speculation than calculation 😉 I posted these calcs/specs/thoughts, because this collection maybe useful to other community members. I hope FXtec will give us some more precise infos on some of these topics so the values can be updated.
  9. Sorry. I lost the track about the current status of batches and so on. (many messages to read, many things are happening here 🙂 ) As far as I know there has been a "batch 1": arrived some time ago. US-part of this patch is lost space at the moment "batch 2": produced November / shipping week DEC2-6 / replacement for batch 1 US and some others worldwide. "special batch for retails": see long discussions. arrived retailers, got resend, arrived at lucky customers. "batch 3": produced DEC2-6 / shipping week DEC9-13 / has been at warehouse on DEC 13, no stock assignment mails, but customers got the devices. Or was the DEC13-batch batch 2? "batch 4": should have been produced DEC 9-13: nothing heard about? "batch 5": should habe been produced DEC 6-20: nothing heard about? Some infos somewhere: no more batches, still batches again and so on. For me it is not important, if a batch is the name for a palette or container (physical thing) or the production output of a week (send in many different boxes or single packages directl to customers etc.) So. As some people seem to be more active here: can you detectives bring a light more light on the batches-enigmas or productions-output-mysteries to get a better overview, what is happening? 😉 Thanks a million!
  10. As I remember, there were retailers who backed keyboard-mod-packages. Maybe they had a Pro1-"deal" like the IGG-Coupon, too.
  11. Maybe @Erik can give an status-update. One hour ago he reacted to another post in the "Got your Pro1"-Thread. So he is active in the forum today and should be aware of the "retailer get their non-igg+non-preorder-orders-already"-thing 😉
  12. @kashif: any sign of delivery before? Stock-Mail? Tracking-Mail? UPS-Mail? Or complete surprise? And: have fun with the phone 🙂
  13. Problem for IGG-Backers: if we cancel our order to buy the phone via retailer, we get back our paid money, but loose the IGG-money, because the coupon expires. So maybe the backers are less likely to cancel their orders than "normal"-preorder-customer.
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