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  1. Thanks. Gonna look into it after i get back from vacation in couple of days.
  2. I have some bank apps an ID apps which doesn´t work rooted. Someone else have some ideas?
  3. But can i go back to unrooted state again after that?
  4. Thought that my only option was to go back to stock android from LOS 18.1. So that even don't work anymore?
  5. Is there any solution yet for this without flashing your unrooted phone?
  6. What google apps are included in MindTheGapps? Don't want to include all the google apps. I'm using open gapps pico with my LOS 17.1 and i like it that way.
  7. Any smooth guide for us noobs who want to upgrade from 17.1 with openGapps pico without loosing any data? Thanks
  8. I use stock camera. I can choose SD card in the settings but it doesn´t save the picture. I see the taken picture in the little circle (last taken picture) but nothing happens when i tap on it. It should open the picture. Forgot to mention that my old pictures before the update doesn't show up in the gallery anymore...
  9. After the update my camera app doesn't save the pictures on the SD card anymore. Works fine if i choose Internal storage. I can see my SD card in the file manager and all the files on it. But doesn't save the pictures on it.
  10. Ahaa. So i follow this guide for the recovery under Temporarily booting a custom recovery using fastboot
  11. https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/upgrade Doesn't say anything about switching slots.....
  12. Hi! So firts update the recovery to 17.1. Can i flash the new LOS 17.1 using the SDcard method? And keep my data? I use openGapps already. But what i understand i have to download and install it again with the new LOS 17.1?
  13. Ok, i´m a noob on these things. Do you mean like this: https://android.onse.fi/finqwerty/#pro1 and look at the Swedish for physical QWERTZ and Finnish for physical QWERTZ. Should be the same layout because we use the same keyboards. Or you need some other kind of help? @FlyingAnterois better at explaining those things 😁
  14. Is there a chans you gonna look at a finnish/swedish keyboard layout also? Make a same layout like finqwerty has for qwertz? thanks for your good work.
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