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  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop app is often called as a "RD Client". Maybe @kashif is meaning that app?
  2. F(x)tec Pro1 is very soon becoming to a reality so let's take a look of those rejected/concept QWERTY sliders that you were dreaming about in the past. 1. Nokia N950 N950 actually became to a reality but not as a consumer product which the reason it hurts so much. It would have been great successor for the mighty N900 2. Motorola Droid 5 Droid 5 was in development during 2013 but it was abandoned before public release. Probably it would have had the same specs than the other Droid series phones on that year (Mini, Ultra and Max). 3. Nokia "Lauta" Another Nokia QWERTY slider that was supposed to be released with MeeGo. Reportedly, it was planned to be released with Nokia N9 but that never happened. 4. HTC Prime HTC unveiled Prime in 2011 but rejected the actual release. It would have been great QWERTY slider with Windows Phone 7. 5. Nokia "Soiro" [/spoiler] What? Third QWERTY slider from Nokia which was never released! This device was revealed just recently and we do not know very much about it. It was another abandoned MeeGo device. 6. Nexus P3 This was just a fan made concept but I really like the idea combining Nexus 5 and QWERTY keyboard. 7. Samsung Galaxy QWERTY This is another fan made concept of Samsung Galaxy QWERTY device. I don't know if Samsung has ever considered this but I have seen several different versions of this. 8. BlackBerry Droid After BlackBerry released the Priv, there was little but buzz about landscape QWERTY slider. Even thought it was a fan made rendering I was really excited about it. Let my know your thoughts about these and feel free to post other QWERTY slider projects!
  3. @ravelo I decided to answer in this thread so we will stay in topic. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Pbvpo The keyboard of my DIY QWERTY Android phone was decent but not particularly great. The build-quality felt cheap but the response of typing was surprisingly good. I think that was okay for 20 bucks. The buttons did swing little bit. If I compare the typing experience to Droid 4 I would say it was much worse but acceptable. For me the biggest issue was the missing fifth number row but I managed to solve it with software tweak. I used Minuum Keyboard with Mini Mode for an extra row in landscape. (You could use Null Input Method if you didn't want virtual keyboard at all). If I used to phone portrait there was a tweak which changed the virtual keyboard to another. I used Keyboard Manager to change virtual keyboard based on orientation automatically. Total dimensions were 139 x 69.6 x 16 mm and weight was about 228 g. The weight distribution was pretty stable. I mean if I opened the keyboard and left the phone to the table it would stay steady. I could even push the screen part and it would go back to where it was. It didn't feel that it was going to flip when I was holding it. Of course there was more weight in the screen part in opposite to Pro1. In summary, it was better than nothing 😊.
  4. The weight was mentioned at Twitter recently: It is 241g https://mobile.twitter.com/thefxtec/status/1187336672800845825
  5. I still have two Droid 4 phones but I do not use them anymore as a daily driver. The other one is running Lineage OS 14.1 and second one Sailfish OS. I also made my own DIY QWERTY smartphone (Xiaomi Mi 4C and iPhone bluetooth case).
  6. Here is my DIY QWERTY phone (Mi 4C and iPhone Bluetooth keyboard https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-4c/accessories/qwerty-keyboard-slider-diy-t3303280/
  7. I had a DIY QWERTY phone in the past. The length of the device was 138.1 mm. It was made of iPhone 6 bluetooth keyboard case and Xiaomi Mi 4C. I think that 140 mm was very close to max that I was able to handle comfortable. But I need to test Pro1 before I can make my final judgment. Here is a short video of my DIY QWERTY phone. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Pbvpo
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