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  1. Great, thanks. I will wait... unless I feel braver in the coming days!
  2. When I tried to load v2 of that file, the phone broke for some reason. It did ccome back to life though but I'm not quite sure what I did. If I wait, will this come through the usual Lineage OS updates?
  3. If we are adding keyboard woes, mine seems to randomly insert the odd number or character in, scroll down a few lines of text and put caps lock on. It is nicer to type on than glass but these errors make it really unenjoyable sometimes.
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to back up the phone to my computer, as I now have it, kind of, set up like I would like it to run. I currently have LOS and installed the Google apps: I've found the Backup page in settings and it backs up to Google Drive. If I needed to wipe the phone in the future, when I restore it will it just look exactly like it does now? E.g. Apps, settings, the fine details of Nova Launcher, etc? If I decide to try LOS WITHOUT GOOGLE or SAILFISH, I presume that the above backup will no longer be of use! How do I backup the phone in another w
  5. Thank you! I actually don't know how this fixed because I only did a few bits of what you suggested and then I rebooted and it works again! OMFG Android is a touchy nightmare. I know lots of you have put a lot of work in to Lineage but seriously.......! Anyway, Eske, thank you for being so speedy!
  6. what are parameters 1 & 2? lineage-16.0-20201012-nightly-pro1-signed.zip and lineage-16.0-20201012-recovery-pro1.img
  7. Then I thought that this might help.... but it didn't! Soime help would be greatly appreciated as I've basically wrecked my phone unless someone can give me a hand
  8. I've messed this up big style! [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/Wp0vgWcx/Untitled.png[/img][/url] It rebooted to a screen with Lineage logo and RECOVERY at the top. In red it says: "Can't load Android system. Your data may continue to get this message, you may ne factory data reset and erase all user da device" [the above makes no sense as I assume the message is too wide ot fit on the screen] I have the option to "Try again" or "Factory data reset" Is there a way back from this mess I have made?
  9. Great, thanks, I will have a look at this. Believe it or not I don't know how to do any of that or how to input terminal commands... but I can learn c/o t'internet
  10. My keyboard is pretty unreliable and I don't really know anything about how to load the above. I could learn, like I did to load Lineage OS in the furst place. If I wait, will this fix eventually find its way the weekly updates?
  11. The web version for Android sounds interesting, thank you for the tip
  12. I am finding Android to be pretty horrible to use. I would switch to Sailfish to try it but in order to not to have to dual-carry another phone for work I have to have WhatsApp for my work SIM. I know Android apps aren't officially supported but is there some sort of unofficial way of getting the Android app ability to work?
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