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  1. Not sold even at £450. That is £211 off the price I paid. FFS, what is a second hand Pro 1 worth then?
  2. Reposted, now with no reserve. It starts at 450GBP and sells from that price upwards. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114651678269
  3. QWERTY in the UK ending tomorrow 26/JAN/2021 @ 1623 GMT https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/F-x-tec-Pro1-Pro-1-QX1000-QWERTY-keyboard-smartphone/114639000304 Just for the sake of transparency, this phone was bought for 661GBP and has a reserve 100GBP less (551GBP) which I do not think it unreasonable for a phone that it only a few months old with a bit of wear detailed in the advert.
  4. I've relisted the Pro1 here on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114626976647 It is in the UK but can be posted internationally
  5. I am not going to continue with the Pro1 and it will be going on eBay very soon unless someone on here wants to buy it first. I have 3 International buyers lined up from Discord, but due to Brexit and the Pandemic I would prefer to sell in the UK. It is currently running SailfishOS v.3.4 but I am happy to load Lineage or Stock Android on for the new buyer before it is sold. In Sailfish the fingerprint sensor doesn't work which I hope is software as it used to work on Lineage when I had that loaded. It is USED therefore the paint is worn on the back surface and on the corners. See pic
  6. With a lot if help from the Sailfish people on Discord I got Sailfish 3.4 on the Pro1. IT IS NOT AS EASY AS DESCRIBED ABOVE. I could not load 3.4 from script after having been on LOS. I had to re-load stock Android (instructions on this forum); load SFOS 3.3 THEN load SFOS 3.4.
  7. I restored stock Android fine. It flashed fine and ran fine. Then I installed SFOS again using this script thing and it is not on a boot loop. I see the first boot logo page for a few seconds, then a black screen, then the logo page, repeating.... Any ideas, please?
  8. Are these instructions suitable for someone running Lineage OS, or were they just meant for people already on the earlier version of Sailfish OS? I ask because I followed them but the phone wont boot past the very first screen with two logos (FxTec [top] and Sailfish OS [bottom]). I've basically wrecked the phone again haven't I!?
  9. Me too. I also have to manually switch off the screen after plugging in. There is some sort of screensaver option with settings for docked, plugged in, etc but this has no effect. Well done on what must be extremely hard work looking after putting Lineage OS but every day on this phone I think how shockingly messy Android is.
  10. Tried this SwiftKey thing. In landscape I couldn't make the stupid icons go away and it covered the whole screen with a grey box sometimes when composing email in K-9. I wish there was an alternative but I really am starting to hate this phone and its shit mismatch of software
  11. OTA update via Settings is incredibly quick now! Did that change from LOS 16 to LOS 17 or earlier?
  12. I really thoughht mine had a physical fault too as it too used to insert numbers into words or move the cursor around the screen-- it was often unusable. I thought one key was influencing another electronically but now on LOS 17 I would say it is 99.9% fixed with respect to the keyboard. Android is completely new to me and even I managed to do a non-destructive update to my Pro1 and keep all my data! Of course you could still have a physically damaged keyboard causing all of your issues but I would be interested to see if the update to LOS 17 helps your typing issues (I have no
  13. Yeah sometimes the Pro1 sucks big time when it does this. I loathed it at times and now accept that its faults just lie with the awfulness of Android rather than the phone's design. I can tell you that my experience, which was very similar to yours, got much better with the installation on Lineage OS 17. Have you done this upgrade yet?
  14. Thanks Eske. Pressing the power button does indeed help sometimes but it isn't always possible to unlock the phone with the fingerprint. I find it odd that all my bank apps work but for some reason British Airways Executive Club have decided to try to be secure and block my phone. I think I had to root it to install Lineage OS. Can I unroot it again now it is installed, or hide the status with an app? Is this what Magisk does or is that something else entirely?
  15. Hi everyone. Lineage OS 17 is installed on my Pro1, coming from Lineage OS 16. I am having trouble with a few apps and wonder if anyone can help. Banking Apps Finger prints log-in never works more than once. It does work on other apps, but not banking ones. I read something about deleting fingerprints folder in a certain folder but I don't think I could find it. British Airways Executive Club and some non-UK Covid proximity detection apps Will not open as it says my device is rooted. Can I un-root or hide that the phone is apparantly rooted?
  16. Thanks Eske. I might give that a miss, although by that description maybe it behaves like Nova does?
  17. Hi, Has anyone tried the Microsoft Launcher which now works in landscape mode? I was happy with Nova but some of its advanced stuff, like a scrolling dock doesn't play very nicely with the new Lineage 17 (Android 10) gestures so might try another one until this gets fixed. Nova say the issue is with Google and that hey can't help.
  18. Thanks very much. I will look in to this further but probably not post here just incase it is against forum rules to discuss such naughtiness
  19. Thanks for the tip. This adds a button to show the app drawer which isn't really what I want. It is the swiping action up from those bottom icons (dock?) that would be nice to have in landscape as well as portrait. Further evidence that Android is a disjointed mess but I will live with it for now! Thankfully I very rarely use the app drawer, but I needed it when my telephone icon was deleted from the dock during upgrade.
  20. I seem to have lost the telephone icon on installation on LOS 17! Got it back but only after much hassle as I couldn't open the app drawer. With Nova you can only swipe up for the app drawer in portrait.
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