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  1. i'd say hardly noticeable but frankly i don't notice any difference at all. the pro1 doesn't seem to have the wake lock issue, battery drain is nearly 0.
  2. like i said, check WaveUp's source code, while its primary function is to wake the phone by waving over the sensor it also has 'pocket mode' which turns on the screen when taking the phone out of a pocket (or opening a case)... which works when the screen is off and locked. it also has the function to lock the screen when the sensor is covered, but that requires special permissions. your app does this too, what permissions does that require?
  3. take a look at WaveUp, its on f-droid and source code is here: https://gitlab.com/juanitobananas/wave-up i've been using this on the pro1 and it doesn't have the battery drain issue
  4. yeah, on amazon.co.uk try looking for the same item/seller in another amazon free delivery for me from amazon.de or .fr for example
  5. would you mind posting some pics from different angles, and with the flap closed? thanks
  6. yeah sorry, on this forum some keypresses submit the form before you are anyway near finished typing, i completed the post in an edit.
  7. can someone explain to me the following things please. why does fedex mail me in advance to say they will deliver on friday, only to then try and deliver on thursday when im not home. what is the use of sending a mail in advance if you then dont do what you tell the customer? then, when i get home i find the note fedex left. printed on it it says i can fill in an online form before 19:00 to have my package delivered to another livingplace. and i can fill in an online form before 24:00 to shedule a new delivery at the same livingplace.
  8. i got the opposite... my delivery was supposed to be tomorrow, but i get a message this morning they will be delivering today... while i'm at the office... now wondering if fedex still does 2 delivery attempts or if i will have to go pick it up somewhere tomorrow (and if so, where, cause i dont know of any fedex drop off points near here) as far as tracking goes it seems they made a delivery attempt around noon and the package is back at the local fedex facility, so i guess they'll do another delivery attempt tomorrow.
  9. Wauw, so we are talking delivery in Europe before CNY. Now that was a pleasant surprise! 😎 wait, i received messages from fedex about a delivery on friday. this is for the phone already? i just ordered a bunch of other stuff that i expect by the end of the week, i assumed that was what the fedex messages were about...
  10. stock assigned mail is in. shipped in the coming days it says, if everything i ever bought from china is any indication, the phone will take somewhere between 2 days and 2 months to get here.
  11. lol i dont know what you think " is expected to " means but if any of the previous "expected to" statements are anything to go by then realistically... no.
  12. count me in if this gets made.
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