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  1. You are a saint @LIMA! I've ordered this through craftcloud since I don't own a 3D printer; I matched the PLA material you used at 40% infill (since they only offered 20 or 40, not 30 like you used). Will post pics here once it arrives.
  2. You make good points that I hadn't considered. I guess I figured this was more like 'first time LineageOS test builds' but you are right, there could be more 16.0 tests here. I'm fine to leave open after consulting with you 😅
  3. Ok so once the remaining chats re : test 22 are done on this thread, is there an option to close this thread for safekeeping? It doesn't need to have the door to needed conversations slammed shut, but I did want to bring it up so that once this is no longer a recent memory topic of conversation, we don't have this thread necroed. @EskeRahn And @tdm
  4. Hopping in here from the long-lived test discussion.
  5. For clarity, I meant the newly appeared Lineage OS nightly builds located here. Are those the same builds as your ongoing test builds, @tdm ? Do they connect to your, or LineageOS OTAs?
  6. If we install a nightly build, are we eligible for OTA updates?
  7. 🥳Excellent news, great job tdm, mccreary, npjohnson, and all ya'll beta testers out there! 🎉
  8. I plan to test the first stable release and see how the first time installation instructions go. The fine folks here have flashed and reflashed their machines so much that I'm sure they are used to the process by now, but if I can help in this tiny way by reviewing first time user set up, I might as well.
  9. @goodman_j hey there, With LOS stable nearly ready to go (yay!) I'm actually faced with the prospect of carrying my Clack in a flip case....not as idyllic as I thought it would be. Are you in a position to sell any phone cases?
  10. Someone previously provided a way to make a lineageos test build. Is it possible to turn on selinux for that build and start trying it as a rough daily driver? I have my Pro1 on stock and not using it because I was waiting on LOS stable, but I admit I am beginning to lose patience just cause I want a pkb with me when I go out. I'm not about to rush tdm, I'm far too grateful for the work they have done to make LOS for the Pro1 a Thing to do that, this is more of a 'tide me over until LOS stable can happen' scenario.
  11. This is an excellent case. If you were feeling generous and wanted to sell some and/or release the source files so we could order them from online - that would be killer. But if not, congratulations on a good case design either way.
  12. Fixed! I wonder how much time I have before the forum software locks me out of editing that message. Hopefully I can bug @EskeRahn once it locks, in case people have more devices to mention.
  13. I added some basic stuff to the poll, but I want to hear your thoughts and results to see who on this forum (general topics or the great On the Production status thread) or catches this from the fxtec subreddit / maemotalk forum post cares to weigh in.
  14. A) ah, that would do it. During that time I was in Latvia, so not as much info as what the US was doing during that time. B) Of course it would... X(
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