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  1. Ooh, thanks for this. I tested pressing that down on mine with a little screwdriver, didn't seem to have much effect. Apparently my microphone on the device is also dead. So...I'm gonna send it in to FxTec and let 'em replace the screen + fix whatever I did when I dropped it again. Even if the device has to take a few months break and/or be a backup device, I want to have it for the long haul.
  2. Nice to hear! In that case, I can flash LOS 18, leave it without any apps, and ship it off if I need to. I quake in fear that this will be a sensor or magnet of some kind that is now wonked out of alignment.
  3. Hey folks, I dropped my Pro1 (not x) this morning. Not the first time, last time did the hairline crack across the top of the screen and so I ordered an aftermarket replacement screen that I have not yet put on. But today, I dropped it again. It appears fine except that now the phone appears to think it always has the keyboard open even when it does not. Anything I can do about this? IE reflashing or replacing the screen? Or am I likely stuck with trying to get a warranty repair after flashing back to stock etc.? Lineage 17.1.20210301-Nightly-Pro1 (yes I need to up
  4. This could be a red herring / I could be misremembering something but I thought the settings for external keyboards and/or the way the device driver manifest thingy is set, the keyboard is an ALPHA mode vs FULL keyboard mode, and ALPHA will auto-caps first letters for you. per @EskeRahns 2 year old comment.
  5. Hey folks. If you are following this thread waiting for the official LOS 18, then the wait is over. See
  6. ok @belletrist, when you are confident/feeling relatively finalized in the lineage design, let's sync up over PM or whatever so we can exchange paypals, addresses etc 🙂 *rubs hands together evilly* "goood, goood"
  7. If the top one isn't 'hold upside down to fall off loose' then I'll take 2. You got a paypal or a shopify or something?
  8. Ok. Just wanted to say thanks for posting these to this point, since in the past when I've experienced strangeness on 17.1 (I'm on 18 unofficial now), it was great to see if it was that security update I just did or something else (always something else) based on if I saw your update posts.
  9. So the new ones came in and are loose-ish. I may try to figure out how to measure the length of what the inner band should be versus what it is. Not sure if CraftCloud calibrates all their 3d printers the same, but I suspect that if the model were scaled down a percentage or two it would fit more snugly.
  10. So this universal band looks good and starts good, but over the past few weeks it has started to slip off every so often, and is a pain to but back on in place such that it doesn't slide right back off. I've ordered another Lima case, this one out of NLA nylon (and has the thin band upgrade), even if I have to keep a stockroom full of these cases, they are better than the slipping off rubber case!
  11. I tried it with Tacky wood glue, that did about as much as you'd imagine it would (nothing!) but I will try superglue sometime when I have some again.
  12. Well peeps, guess who apparently volunteered their precious Pro1 & screen case to be tested? Me. Happy Cyber Monday? 4 foot drop from counter to tiled floor. 3D printed screen case is caput, broke in half due to the impact. But even though it cost it it's life, the case fulfilled its function of limiting damage to the screen to the bare minimum, which in this case is the bottom-left edge of the Pro1's screen fingerprint protector got peeled about 2 cm out of place. No other damage. Since the bumper case is damaged beyond repair AFAIK, I'm ordering this universal bumper case to tr
  13. Correct. I can be bad at patience but I'm very glad that TDM and Nolen put in the contributions to make this possible even so. It really makes the software so much better for the hardware.
  14. Nice! It hasn't appeared here https://download.lineageos.org/pro1 yet but hopefully soon.
  15. Apparently I got really really lucky with the amount of tension my bumper case resulted in. Not so tight that it's fidgeting off, not so loose that it's falling off. I wonder how we can dial in on what the differences are to make these less variable? Is it all a case of 3D printer calibration?
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