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  1. Someone previously provided a way to make a lineageos test build. Is it possible to turn on selinux for that build and start trying it as a rough daily driver? I have my Pro1 on stock and not using it because I was waiting on LOS stable, but I admit I am beginning to lose patience just cause I want a pkb with me when I go out. I'm not about to rush tdm, I'm far too grateful for the work they have done to make LOS for the Pro1 a Thing to do that, this is more of a 'tide me over until LOS stable can happen' scenario.
  2. This is an excellent case. If you were feeling generous and wanted to sell some and/or release the source files so we could order them from online - that would be killer. But if not, congratulations on a good case design either way.
  3. Fixed! I wonder how much time I have before the forum software locks me out of editing that message. Hopefully I can bug @EskeRahn once it locks, in case people have more devices to mention.
  4. I added some basic stuff to the poll, but I want to hear your thoughts and results to see who on this forum (general topics or the great On the Production status thread) or catches this from the fxtec subreddit / maemotalk forum post cares to weigh in.
  5. A) ah, that would do it. During that time I was in Latvia, so not as much info as what the US was doing during that time. B) Of course it would... X(
  6. Fixed! I've never seen one of those in the wild. When I was young, it was Nokias, Nokias everywhere, oh and a smattering of HTC Wizards. The old rich men had Palm T|X devices if they were 'hip', and Pocket PCs if not. These weren't cell phones in most cases, because if you are well to do enough to have one of those fancy devices, you also had a secretary to field your calls for you!
  7. Nice photo composition! Those 'old' devices still look slick and futuristic to me. So far, the Hall of Fame for HWKB phones appears to include (in no particular order): Fxtec Pro1 (I think I need to start a wikipedia page until better editors can take it over) Motorola Milestone/Droid Motorola Droid 2(G,R2D2) Motorola Droid 3 Motorola Droid 4 Motorola Photon Q (one of the last phones before the great drought) Nokia E7 Nokia N900 Nokia N950 Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G HTC Dream/G1 HTC Desire Z/Vision/G2 (someone bring back the click wheel/optical touch button!) HTC Wizard Blackberry Passport Blackberry PRIV Blackberry KeyOne Blackberry Key2 Palm Pre HP Veer Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 (editors note: now that is a pretty phone) Danger Hiptop (series) What am I missing? Edit 1 -> added Xperia Pro
  8. FWIW on the desktop, you can close Firefox, then go to Alt > History > Restore Previous session on the desktop to restore all the tabs. I have been using Fennec Android (F-Droid Firefox build) on my Pro1 and I've opened it, browsed imgur for more time than I'd care to admit (1-? hours), then put the device down, gone about my day, and come back to it to find that nothing amiss had happened. FF does like to drink RAM juice but if you install the uBlock Origin and (for the disciplined masochists) addons, you get good and great memory savings, respectively. I've not tried FF preview yet since it does not support most addons on Android yet.
  9. I use an AT&T MVNO on my main phone whilst working on the Pro1 cut-over. While I haven't yet flashed any LOS, would it help if I put my SIM into the Pro1 and report what APN settings it receives from the network? The Pro1 auto-set its APN settings when I fed it a T-Mobile USA Sim.
  10. At the risk of getting your hopes up, I will add a reminder that a new order number is generated every time someone clicks "add to cart" and not actually orders it. You may not be as far away as you fear?
  11. Is the size of this theoretical production run enough that one could order multiple cases?
  12. Uh oh, I failed to do that. I will try to do that then take similar pictures as these since yours are much more useful than mine.
  13. That is what I did. I'm after maximum protection and since I've done several cutouts to weaken the structure of the case, I want to add any strength back I can.
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