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  1. Agree with both of you. Funny in that I have never referred to my phones as sliders (although they have been, or pop-up, or flip and spin, lol). I just always referred to them as tactile, or physical, landscape keyboard phones. This was perfectly descriptive, and never became confusing in conversation. Speaking to someone who isn't familiar with a Pro1 they wouldn't have a clue what a clack phone, or a clacker is and I would be afraid it would just introduce more confusion.
  2. I take it that he is referring to a traditional slider where the screen isn't angled, but is parallel with the keyboard (a good example is my Droid 4).
  3. I agree completely, still slower and more quiet, but no biggie (in the least).
  4. I have no idea what's taking place with your carrier, but with AT&T in the US all the switches are grayed out for me too; however, but both VoLTE and VoWiFi work. The only way to turn VoLTE off is to use the switch enable/disable 4G/LTE switch in the mobile network configuration. If it is on it will place VoLTE calls by default (when service allows), if it is off then it won't. The fact that they are grayed out in the off position is a known Android issue.
  5. Most definitely, I can do the same thing with my Droid 4. Not an issue. Also, I can very easily open my D4 with one hand (as I can with the Pro1). I never had any issues opening any of the Droids with one hand. I also never had any of the other issues mentioned above with sliders either. The only exception would be sometimes it will be in a pocket and begin to open, activating the touchscreen without me knowing it. However, it's very rare and happens, at best, 3 to 4 times/year. I like the angled screen, but really only use it while holding it, so I don't consider it a must have feature (honestly, I could care less one way or the other, it's more important to me that the phone work well and has good battery life). It's true that the Droid sliders are easier to open at first, but it's also very true that, once one gets used to opening the Pro1, it can be opened as easily as a simple slider (be it with one hand, or two. At least that's been my experience).
  6. Thanks. I have an app for that, but it's seriously bright (still most definitely better than nothing!), and I must have the phone on it's face/screen. I'm really looking forward to the notification LED (and also vibrations which worked perfectly in stock, but are gone in LOS) working in Lineage!
  7. Yes, works perfectly when charging (changes colors appropriately, etc.) Also works perfectly with the factory test, all three RGB colors are perfect. Just doesn't work with notifications. With the stock ROM it would work after a factory reset, then stop at random times afterward. With Lineage I don't have any notification LED activity (even with a 3rd party app, nothing at all), and I also lost the vibration notifications as well (which worked fine with the stock ROM).
  8. Well, lucky you! 😁 LOL. For me, the audible alerts are useless and I live off the notification LEDs. I would never daily drive a phone without one! My lack of audible alerts is due to various reasons, but mainly it's a big issue where I work (and my wife has enjoyed the quietness at home so much that she now has her ringers off all the time as well).
  9. Not that I'm calling any shots here, lol, but my top is NOTIFICATIONS! Is anyone else experiencing these notification issues? I know others are with the LED and the stock ROM, but with LOS I don't have any notification LED or notification vibrations (vibrations I can get with 3rd party apps, but can't get the LED no matter what). If you guys are having the same issues, how are you being alerted to missed calls, voicemails, and not yet viewed incoming texts without using ringer notifications?
  10. I don't have any problems with opening it, or it potentially flying out of my hand, or hands, but I most certainly have issues with the constant call dropping. I too have to stand in certain areas of my house, and while, I readily admit that I'm in a weak cell signal area, I too haven't had it anywhere near this bad with previous phones.
  11. Actually radically different. Using the FinQWERTY mapping for the qwertZ on a qwertY device remaps every key in the middle three rows (as well as others). The version I came up with leaves all of the keys to the right of (the printed) RFV diagonal alone; thus, function matches the key printing. This has two wonderful effects. First, it unshifts the left half of the keyboard, and by doing so, creates symmetry (meaning the standard J key and the newly remapped F key are exactly the same distance from their respective right and left edges (this is a huge plus for me as I can now pickup the phone, and begin typing without having to look at the keyboard, or my thumbs, for positioning). My thumbs automatically land right on top of F and J, and I can blind touch type everything else from there. Second, it means that the printing on the majority of the keys, and even the entire right half of the keyboard, is accurate. Some of the symbols are the only keys I need to look at to type them; thus, it's nice to have the printing be accurate on as many as possible. My remapping means the loss of three keys, but they are symbols I don't use often with a phone, and LOS can bring up a symbol keyboard (why this wasn't implemented in the stock ROM is beyond me) for these symbols so it's not like they are lost (or need to be remapped -but can be such as what I did with the / and \ on the same [ key).
  12. I too am bummed about the keyboard, and for a device of which the main attraction is the keyboard, it's a serious bummer. I have stated before that I have been using physical landscape keyboard phones ever since they became available (pre-smart phones, early to mid 2000s I believe) and have never had trouble aclimating to a single one like I have with the Pro1. Serious disappointment! I too find myself using the virtual keyboard more than I ever have with any other phone (again, I always have used physical landscape keyboard phones). This really shouldn't be the case, as this phone was put into production because of its keyboard. A couple of notes about the keyboard... I find it hard to type on, but not as in physically hard to press the buttons. I don't have any problems with that, just the layout. In this regard, I have come up with a peculiar solution that seems to help me blind type rather quickly and accurately. Thus, if the notification LED issue can be resolved, I'll probably keep it. What I did was to remap all the letter/character keys in the middle three rows, and to the left of the vertical diagonal TGB, to the letter on their right. This shifted all the letters left of TGB one space to the left. However, because there are three extra keys it also means that I have two TGB columns (next to each other). This allows me to thumb touch type (meaning not looking at my fingers or the keyboard) reasonably quickly, and with much greater accuracy than the shifted keyboard. I also remapped the [ key to / (and \ with shift). For me, and I admit this is a radical idea which isn't for everyone, it allows the best of both worlds between the QWERTY and the QWERTZ layouts.
  13. Ok, per your request I will file an issue on the tracker page, but please remember that it would stop working with the stock ROM, and I setup a poll to see if this was a known issue. Very few people responded to the poll, but it appeared as though it was working correctly for most. Thus, I'm not sure if my original problem got pushed into Lineage (with regard to the LED at least. The vibrate option always worked in the stock ROM, so that might be a Lineage thing?). Thanks again for everything!
  14. Sure, easy answer... better because it's not a Priv! 😉 😁 I'm just kidding around, but I never liked my Priv, and ditched it shortly after I got it (however, I have been a physical landscape keyboard guy since the devices first came out, prior smart phones, and never liked BB's portrait keyboards). That said, the cell radio is stronger in the Priv (but should only be noticeable in fringe reception areas). As others have said, the Pro1 doesn't suffer from the Priv's overheat/battery/reboot problems which you are experiencing. Also, it should also be noted that the standard QWERTY version of the Pro1 has a shifted keyboard which can be difficult for some people.
  15. It's no secret that I was having trouble with the notification LED and the stock ROM, so I decided to switch over to LOS to see its behavior. With LOS, I don't have any notification LED control whatsoever. It still works properly when charging, but that is the only time it lights up. Not a single notification, or 3rd party app which uses the LED, activates it. I have also lost the notification vibrations (unlike stock which worked perfectly) unless I'm using a 3rd party software. I didn't see any of this in the issue tracker, so I'm assuming this is just my device...?
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