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  1. This would be cool, but I really like the LOS goodies, my favorite of which is root on/off. So maybe a custom TWRP that would provide for a dual boot option. You could have both: stock sans GcrApps and also LOS, the best of both worlds! 😀👍
  2. As I always say, THANKS to tdm for all his dedication and efforts. Again, very much appreciated! Additionally, here we have yet another reason to stop whining and complaining about F(x)tec, and, instead, be grateful they are supporting us as they are with other ROMs! Thank you F(x)tec from a customer who will only use the phone with a custom ROM! 👍👍
  3. LOL! Which is exactly why he should have been using a Droid 4! 😀
  4. Sounds pretty much identical to my daily use. I too have used only smartphones with physical (landscape) keyboards, prior to that I used non-smartphones with physical (landscape) keyboards beginning as soon as they were introduced (early 2000s if I remember correctly). I think the only time I messed around (for any length of time) with a phone w/out a keyboard (after they became available) was when Nextel launched.
  5. Picture is somewhat inaccurate. The phone needs to be replaced with an N900 or a Droid, more people need to be added (a bunch more), and I have a feeling everyone should be holding or using physical keyboard phones (and as such aren't in any real rush since we are all still very productive 😀).
  6. Minor consequence to not having any GcrApps installed! ....I'm just kidding (kinda), lol. 😀😀
  7. Checking one's state income tax return isn't the best way since there are nine states which do not collect income taxes (hence no return is required to be filed), they are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. However, a sales taxes payment is still required. AFAIK, the only states where this isn't the case are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. You are correct there is no mechanism in place to enforce collection.
  8. For me the problem is not about being able to use an aged phone as I, like silversolver, am using a 2012 phone as a daily driver (and am very content). I don't like the portrait keyboard, but even if I could acclimate to the keyboard, I definitely didn't like having something that was locked down for Blackberry only signatures. Once it was known that there was no way around their protection, it became a deal breaker for me and I gave my Priv away. Windows XP is a relatively new OS! 😀😀 I still have a handful of DOS machines doing data logging and (simple) CAD control, I even have a Windows 3.11 machine running a voicemail system at a buddy's place. However, before all the responses come flooding in, I'll mention that I do have a bunch of Windows 7 Pro machines doing most of the heavy lifting (well at least where Windows is called for). In regard to Windows, I even have a couple of Win10 machines (but still can't get used to the childish interface, yuck).
  9. Oh my! My only question would be why? 😀 ROFLMAO Oh I noticed too, but didn't bother asking as I know we'll never get the necessary info. Furthermore, I was just very happy to get some concrete details! 🙂 Also, the fact that they replied that could be the worst case scenario tells me they haven't fulfilled many preorders. YES IT DOES! 😀
  10. LOL. This rationale rings true to me!
  11. Oh, I read it too quickly and thought it was in reference to an eSIM support. I agree about with your statement in reference to dual SIMs and SD.
  12. I'm happy with the current dual SIM setup; however, as a user of a phone that's almost eight years old now (Droid 4), it's nice when the manufacturers pack in the latest and greatest so that the devices can withstand the passing of time. Also, I've never been one to just get a new phone strictly because a newer model is out (although this might be because there haven't been many newer physical keyboard phones released recently, and my stance might change with the release of the Pro2, lol).
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