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  1. I don't have any trouble creating folders on the stock launcher. What issue are you seeing? Does the icon you're dropping onto highlight before you drop onto it?
  2. For me, personally, I have found leaving auto-rotate off and pressing the soft button when needed has greatly improved my experience.
  3. I live near Seattle. While my Pro1 works great when I'm in town, I've noticed that when I'm in less populated areas (e.g., when skiing), I'll have little to no service while my friend (also on T-Mobile) has a very usable signal. More subjectively, it seems like I experience a lack of signal a lot more often than I did with my Moto Z2. Is this a known issue? Does it likely have more to do with the supported bands or with the signal sensitivity of the phone, in general? On the blog, F(x)tec stated, "We’ll consider releasing special regional versions in the future". If that were to ever happen and I could get the same phone with better reception in my area (especially when outside of the city), I would very gladly shell out for it.
  4. It took me some getting used to the keyboard, since it is (a) bigger than I'm used to, and (b) has an extra column between A and Caps, so I would initially always hit \ when I meant A. I've mostly gotten used to those, and can now type pretty quickly on the keyboard. The thing that I have not figured out a good solution for is opening the keyboard with the curved screen. It is extremely difficult to both lift up top (when landscape) of the screen (because the curved screen is slippery and significantly reduces the amount of area to grip) and push the bottom without triggering items on the screen.
  5. As an update, my phone has started failing SafetyNet and Netflix no longer shows up in the play store. There must have been a delay between when I installed the update and when Google services noticed the CTS mismatch. (The delay was at least a day, because everything was also working fine on Friday. I haven't checked again until today.)
  6. I updated my device today. I've never rooted or unlocked the bootloader. The Play Store says "Device is certified" under Play Protect certification, and I can see Netflix (which is already installed) if I search the Play Store. I tried running a SafetyNet checker, but it had reached its API quota.
  7. Not quite the same, but I did discover the stock keyboard layout (QWERTY, here) supports some accents using the Alt key. E.g., alt+e is a dead acute accent, so alt+e, a will generate á. Alt combinations I have discovered: Alt+` = dead grave accent (e.g., à) Alt+e = dead acute accent (e.g., á) Alt+u = dead diaeresis (e.g., ä) Alt+i = dead circumflex accent (e.g., â) Alt+s = sharp s (ß) Alt+c = c with cedilla (ç) Alt+n = dead tilde (e.g., ã)
  8. Obviously up-to-date security patches are required for AER. When I initially asked F(x)tec about security patches, they indicated that they were hoping to release monthly security updates for at least two years. Obviously, they've been focusing on other production priorities recently, but they indicated that the next push should include a new security patch level in addition to another round of bugfixes. They're just waiting for folks to come back to work to prepare the update, which they hope should be ready sometime in March. Not sure what the real world implications (and the impact on AER certification, if any) of the MAC addresses are, or secure boot versus just a locked bootloader, but I imagine AER certification and passing SafetyNet (which the Pro¹ already does) would be enough for many enterprises, as the idea behind requiring AER devices is to avoid vetting individual devices themselves.
  9. I also very often inadvertently trigger the fingerprint reader with my palm. The ideal positioning for me would be above the power button where the volume keys are now. Easy to press with my thumb when holding in my right hand, and easy to press with my index finger on my left hand. The volume keys could then move to the left side of the phone, similarly accessible easily in both hands. When in landscape mode, the fingerprint reader could easily be reached by my left index finger, and the volume adjusted with my left thumb. I personally also find that having the volume opposite from the power button makes it easier to take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing power and volume down with a single squeezing motion.
  10. I've gone from a myTouch 4G Slide to a Relay 4G to a Blackberry Priv to the Pro1 (with some temporary non-keyboard phones in between), and the thing that's taking me the most time to get used to with the Pro1 is just how big the keyboard is in comparison. With my prior phones, either due to a smaller screen (myTouch and Relay) or portrait orientation (Priv), it was very easy for me to reach the thumb from one hand to the opposite side of the keyboard. This was very useful for typing words with many letters on one side of the keyboard, as I could reach across and alternate thumbs as I was typing. With the Pro1 (6-inch screen, landscape), this just isn't possible. I (5'10" male) can only comfortably reach my thumbs a little more than half-way across, which means I have to retrain myself to use each thumb only on its respective side of the keyboard and not try to reach across, even if it means typing several letters in a row with the same thumb where before I would have alternated.
  11. From some basic Googling, it sounds like once a device meets the requirements, certification is a matter of nominating the device and sending a sample device to Google for verification. As for meeting the requirements, it looks like the main thing missing is support for Zero-touch enrollment. I'm not sure how hard that would be to support, or whether it would expand the market for the phone enough to justify it, but I'd be willing to contribute a small amount toward making that happen.
  12. I also need this for my work's BYOD policy. While I love having the keyboard, missing my work calendar is a bummer.
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