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  1. Will be great if keyboard backlight can be enabled on each key press with opened slider.
  2. My phone is from clove.co.uk too, have try to lift screen now with nails on each edge and all corners - now, i can't, and there isn't any gaps, looks like monolith element with case, despite the fact that my device already was disassemlbed in the phone service some days ago.
  3. Yes. All this files are clear stock images, not patched by Magisk. You need patch they in your own phone, then Magisk correctly create backups, and can after that restore stock boot.img for applying new OTA update - if you get magisk_patched.img from anywhere other source and flash by fastboot, "Restore images" button will not work.
  4. Had you try this app? It also can adjust different volume with connected headset/without it
  5. All boot.img are now in thread about magisk, on following updates i'll upload boot images to the same Google drive folder. After installing all OTA i have a bug: fingerprints are lost after each reboot 😞
  6. If someone need - i upload to google drive stock versions of boot.img, backuped by Magisk from all versions i had: - 20191028 - 20191111 - 20191129 - 20191210 - 20200106 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EHlG9ZWNMimAN55yKDvMUUE_ow-FDznG?usp=sharing
  7. I try, and on uninstall magisk says " backup is missing". Device is rooted by flashing patched boot.img with adb, following guide from first post in this topic. UPD: had restored stock firmware to 20191028 from here - after all updates can't root. UPD2: had restored stock 20191028 again, trying to start OTA with Magisk rooted from this version. For doing "Restore images" you need patch stock boot.img by Magisk on your own phone, and not load already patched magisk_patched.img from anywhere, how i do by guide form first post. Sucessfully install first OTA update with Magisk already rooted (by the guide https://www.thecustomdroid.com/install-ota-update-rooted-android-device-guide/#How_to_Install_OTA_Updates_on_Rooted_Android_Devices, reboot with rooted update device). Second update in progress - yes, this guide worked for me too! Thanks, McDinner! UPD3: had install all OTA updates, all works.
  8. Very common service "we can repair Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Xiaomi, or any other mobile phone/tablet/gadjet", i don't think that in Russia i can find special FX Tec specialists. Serviceman says that "inner slider mechanism and disassemblying is like old Nokia n9, nothing very difficult".
  9. Ilrilan


    Thanks. Yes, problem was in selecting "US" layout in default driver for qwerty layout. I'll look at FinQerty too - haven't used it before, i used ExternalKeyboard for creating custom layouts.
  10. Ilrilan


    Can't find, how can i type "?" and "/" on Pro1 keyboard. Yellow symbols are here: But it's buttons "l" and "p". Other yellow symbols typed with shift (f.ex. 9 is "9", shift+9 is "("). But this buttons with shift are "L" and "P". How must it work?.. I can write my own layout with ExternalKeyboard, but must be more simple way.
  11. Yes. Slider mechanism can't be watertight, so Pro1 can't be full waterproof. I just want to protect it from small water drops in closed state - closing holes on the cover can be something better, than do nothing.
  12. Or may be it's more simple just find tight silicon case, which can protect all holes from liquids. It's not so radikal solution, as disassembly and glueing.
  13. I think, it's not so easy if you want to get water resist without any trade-off. You can't just fill 3.5mm jack with sealant - because socket will not work then. You can't glue micro/dynamic holes with plastic tape, because it will degrade sound quality. When you sell the phone, all parameters must be "new, perfect". But i don't need 3.5mm jack, and don't need great sound quality - if i want listen music, i'll connect bluetooth. Then i can't simple fill all holes with sealant, knowing that i don't want to sell the phone later.
  14. Morning i took phone to the nearest service center - it was disassembled here. All connection loops where in salt and green oxide, after cleaning with Kontaktreiniger (Liqui Moly) and assembling it works now. Thanks God, electronics wasn't damaged by short curcuits. Serviceman said that all inner plate connectors are opened and vulnerable to water, and there are lot of holes in cover case - dynamic, microphone, sim-slot... now i try to find as tight silicon case, as it possible. May be glueing with silicon sealant unused holes - f.ex, i dont need 3.5mm jack, because of using bluetooth headset. May be dynamic holes can be sticked up inside. Also it's possible to put on sealant part of magnetic usb cable in the socket, like this: If i do something like this, i'll post photos here. Water vulnerability is very bad property
  15. Phone was closed. And yes, unfortunately, as said EskeRahn, with big chance it was salt water, not pure - road workers often pour salt and sand to the snow on the roads.
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