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  1. UPDATE July 18: Sold I am selling my Pro1. The broken promise of stock Android 10, plus the little idiosyncrasies with it have finally done it for me. I really wanted to like this device. The hardware is great. But the software and lack of support from F(x)tec is not what I signed up for. Details: Original Pro1, QWERTY, fully functional running stock Android 9 Includes original box, cable, power adapter, gray sleeve, manuals Extras: Brown fitBAG Rave sleeve Nite Ize Clip Case Cargo Phone Holster Things to know: It has the "bl
  2. I remember all the Facebook ads, showing the Pro1 being used in a business setting, outside at a cafe, with business apps open, etc. This was not marketed for tech enthusiasts. They promised, multiple times, to provide Android 10, and it hasn't happened. I think with the Pro1-X, they are now pivoting to a more tech enthusiast stance. But the original phone was meant to be able to be used with stock, and while the OS is relatively stable, the little issues here and there just make for a somewhat lackluster experience overall. I have half a mind to get rid of it and go back to my Pixel 2 XL, but
  3. I really hope we get Android 10, but I fear I'll be disappointed. The Pro1 is already two versions out of date, and the Android 12 dev preview just dropped, so that's on the way soon. I use stock Android because I am a Google Pay user and that won't work on Lineage etc. Never mind the fact that the Pro1 was advertised as getting Android 10, so not getting it would be yet another ding against the company as discussed elsewhere. On the other hand, if they manage to skip 10 altogether and give us 11, that would make up for a lot 🙂
  4. I'm a bit confused here. Android 10 is mentioned for stock, yet "Android R" is also mentioned. Last I checked that was 11. So which one is it?
  5. I suppose I can ignore it, as long as it doesn't get any worse. It's a retail unit that I've had for awhile, and the issue has only started now (or at least I've only noticed now). Of course if it gets worse the screen will become unusable. The scary scenario is that it's an ongoing issue that gets worse over time, and I've only noticed it now because the spots have "grown" past the boundaries of the screen
  6. I just noticed them recently
  7. I have noticed that the two bottom corners of the Pro1 now have these small "blob" protrusions (see attached). Has anyone encountered these before?
  8. So after almost three weeks, I can say that there is definitely an improvement. I have not had any random reboots at all, even at my work site (which was a known problem area)
  9. I am curious if anyone knows the status of Android 10. We're now officially two versions behind. I realize Android 11 probably won't happen any time soon, but does anyone have insight on the progress of Android 10?
  10. I just received the update yesterday. I'll continue to monitor it and see if it helps.
  11. I have just received the following response from support: So I guess we'll see
  12. Another data point: seemingly every time I come home from being out, and the phone switches from cellular to my home wifi, a reboot occurs. Almost without fail. The opposite, switching from wifi to cellular, does not cause a reboot
  13. I wasn't sure how to capture the logs, but this seems like a major OS-level issue. Not sure how to get it on their radar (other than this forum)
  14. For the record, I just had a random reboot while using my phone as I sat on a bench outside, nowhere near my wifi (on cellular)
  15. I would argue the audio crackling issue was easy to spot, yet it shipped that way, and it took them a very long time to fix. Considering my comment above about their (not) addressing the reboot issue, anything I do would just involve my messing with my network, not really getting any definitive answers, and ending up right back where I am now. Ideally, they should be aware this issue exists, and have a proper development and testing setup to investigate it and fix it.
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