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  1. I am selling my pro1. It is a qwertz device, not rooted. I used only stock android. I always kept it in a protection sleeve (see picture). I would send you the sleeve as well if interested. I have the original charger as well as a spare one if you are interested. I still have the original box. You are buying here a tested device! Everything is working fine. No heating finger sensor, no problem with the battery. I did not have the ghost touch issue. I have been using the device since July 2020. I never broke or replaced the screen. I have ordered a replacement screen with fr
  2. yes this is the exactly point I wanted to make. My question is not related to replacement parts, but is a software issue. It is sad, but under these conditions it is very unlikely I will buy product from them again.
  3. Interesting how fast they can reply in some cases....My customer request to FXtec from 13.04 about the security of the android on the Pro1 has not been replied.
  4. Thanks. Definitely beyond the skills of an average user like me. I do not want to spend time learning and experimenting in this area.
  5. I have just installed another android security update for my outdoor phone (a Cyrus from Feb 2020 running on android 9). I get these updates quarterly, although Cyrus is also a niche market phone. So it seems possible. I am still unclear what these security updates include. What security aspects are they improving? Should we be worried?
  6. Thanks. Yes the question for me is whether my personal data is at risk.
  7. It seems I have to give up stock android and move to lineage for security reason. Before I do this, I wanted to ask the community about banking apps on lineage. Does it work? I understood we have to use magisk, but reading the forum, I see that users also have some difficulties make it work.
  8. Thanks for the answer. My experience with the android stock software was fine (with the workarounds suggested by the users, I could use the phone and the banking apps were working). I am disappointed that there will be no update. I wrote to fxtec customer service to get official statement about android use and implications in terms of data safety (Does fxtec officially suggest to move away from android?).
  9. Can I ask what are the implications for those using stock android on the pro1: Is it still safe in terms of data security? And if so for how long?
  10. I noticed the following: I manage to capture a written invoices with the pro1 camera only when the slider is open (scan). In other words, when the keyboard is closed, the camera does not manage to properly scan the invoice QR code and transmit the data to the banking app. It is not a big deal because I just need to open the keyboard. However I am wondering why the camera works better when the slider is open??? And maybe this feedback is useful for someone else facing the issue.
  11. Thanks. Good to have finally narrowed down the problem. The question remains: Many users face this issue. Does this fact have any impact on the guarantee period? We are not talking about a single defective screen here.
  12. Based on this thread I understood that the cause of the problem is the quality of the screens supplied to Fxtec. I guess that Fxtec has taken actions against the supplier (to face the complaints). Many users face this issue. Does this fact have any impact on the guarantee period? We are not talking about a single defective screen here.
  13. Maybe you connected a bluetooth mouse in the past with your phone. It should still work.
  14. Thanks. I am on stock android. I do not experience the issue when selecting gboard instead of swiftkey. So it must be a swiftkey option to find. Good first narrow down. I found the solution now. Swiftkey app> Typing > physical keyboard >Automatically show / hide virtual keyboard must be deselected to avoid the problem I was describing.
  15. Interestingly there are slight differences on how the apps are displayed between "virtual keyboard" and "hardware keyboard" (e.g. on the fold 3 deja office opens separate pop up to type in a field, whereas the pro1 types directly in the form). I am not sure why. Maybe someone can explain. But these slight differences were not an obstacle to usability and overview. The larger screen of the fold 3 to read texts and watch videos are an important plus point. Looking forward to seeing what fxtec has in the pipeline for its Pro2. In my view they should combine
  16. Thanks for the above. I agree with the limitations you listed. A member of my family acquired a fold3, so I have been testing it a bit. I also prefer the feel of the pro1 keyboard, but the keyboard of the fold3 is very good (using swiftkey, and using navigation gesture to create more space for the keyboard). I have been testing various apps (whatsapp, google calendar, sms, bluemail, dejaoffice) and I could do all the tasks easily on the fold3 virtual keyboard.
  17. Everytime I start to type a sms or email, the virtual keyboard pops up (although I have the slider open). The virtual keyboard disappears automatically if I start typing on the physical one. Is there a way to avoid the virtual keyboard to pops up at all? I use swiftkey and finqwerty on stock android. Under physical keyboard I have already deactivated the "keep it on screen while the physical keyboard is active"
  18. What were the main reasons for your change to Lineage? I understand it solves the "I cannot modify the call volume issue." I am interested since you gave a long try to the pro 1 with stock Android.
  19. Given the number of such cases, it is clearly a flaw in one of the components of the device. I understand that fxtec is nicely providing replacement screen to all persons facing this issue, who have requested one replacement screen. This shows one more time that they are a reliable company. If this does not happen this way, please let us know.
  20. Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting, in particular your typing experience with the fold3. I was not so sure about it. Interesting that the size of the screen is nearly the same when the virtual keyboard is on use on the fold3. The price difference between the two devices is also considerable, fold 3 is nearly double where I am based. Fold 3 has also s-pen capacity.
  21. Dear Community Do you know an android app "file manager" which works in split screen mode (like windows explorer)? You can cut a file in one window and paste it the other window? It is possible to create different windows in the app "files", but it does not support cut and paste in different windows. I can only cut and move the file to the same window. Edit: I have tried again with the app Fx: it works. I had not seen the option to split screen in my first attempt.
  22. What is the source of the info? Did I miss any official communication on this?
  23. What is your typing experience on the Zfold? Price is also not the same...
  24. I was hoping that the delivery date was automatically updated for all the perks, and that FxTec would clarify that the screen will be delivered in April or May nevertheless... Unless I hear something different from them, I will go with your explanation: FxTec is keeping costs low. We will see if I experience the problem as well.... In reply to @Rob. S.. Thanks. I respect your choices; myself I am not going to buy a heat gun now that I ordered a screen with frame. This is getting too complex for me. And I am not going to buy another phone to bridge the gap. I would then totally
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