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  1. Only two solutions to that dilemma: 1. Patience 2. Start building your own keyboard phone, too
  2. Maybe it's the camera kinda cropping it, and doesn't manage to get the size correctly?
  3. Wondering, if the Cosmo comminate is being supported any better. Also, heard that they don't have the strongest assemblage quality for their products, if they do react, if hardware has problems...
  4. What do you mean by band, exactly?
  5. Is that gcam or stock right now?
  6. If you want to test the camera, try it, so there is space for the background (e.g. Flower, close enough, on the height of the flower, not from above, same with people). Then you get the blurry background, that actually let's is compare shots. Otherwise, will be hard to establish the quality
  7. Naturally, I would prefer the mail with the exact delivery date over anything, but I also thought rather well of this mail today: just the simple information, that production is up again, and rolling, not feeling forgotten. They're trying and working. To the people complaining about every step on the way: You got too much time on your hands. Keep in mind, you are waiting on a phone(non essential), not a kidney donation or heart transplant. Even when you have it, your life will not revolve around the phone 24/7, neither should it. I bought from a startup, I will try to be patient, may
  8. Surprisingly quiet here, considering that gaming with a keyboard should be perfect. How is the situation with emulation now? I remember that pressing several buttons was a problem at a certain point, has that been fixed?
  9. That's what I meant, the numbers cannot be taken into account 100 percent, but even if you have a couple weird ones, a general pattern is visible (need a pro 1, autocorrect is slowly sending my sanity down the river Styx...)
  10. Could people please start to disclose at least the first 2 digits of their order numbers (e.g.: 19xxx) again, when they receive, or are assigned a tracking number? Kinda nice to see, at what stage FX is with their deliveries (I am aware that there are many internal factors possibly playing in, but it would still show, at what stage deliveries are). Would also act as a mental balm 😄
  11. Just for my future phone, what does it exactly mean to relock the boot loader, how does one do that?
  12. Man, huge thanks for this, that gave me a much better imagination of, what I can expect at the moment. I'm very much into photography, and so far, my Samsung was at least the camera to take along for the usual family shots and snaps, instead of having to lug my whole full frame gear around. Now waiting eagerly for my turn to finally touch a phone keyboard again!! Have a nice evening, and stay healthy
  13. Hej Eske, do you come to the capital sometimes by any chance? I live in Herlev, but without car, so coming to Svendborg is at least difficult. Already made the purchase, but still very unsure about it, mostly about the camera.
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