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  1. Agreed, after upgrading from AICP Q to Lineage R it seems to just work - the safetynet test in Magisk fails with API error, but testing with a separate Safetynet test app works, and Google Pay works. It doesn't seem to affect Google Pay, but one problem I have is that MagiskHide does not survive a reboot. Have to manually disable and re-enable it after rebooting...but even then it does not affect Google pay, but some other apps warn that the device is rooted, if MagiskHide is not running.
  2. Feature request then for AICP - press and hold camera button to launch camera (or add camera button to the available customizable button actions). 🙂 BTW is the Snapdragon camera app better in any way than the AOSP/AICP one (makes better use of the specialized sensors or whatever)?
  3. The camera button is not working for me - pressing it or long-pressing it has no effect. Can't find a setting for this anywhere. Should the camera button work? The fingerprint sensor does not work either - when trying to set it up under Smart Lock, I am prompted to place my finger on the sensor, but when I do so, nothing happens. This is not such a big deal, I don't really care about fingerprint authentication, but would be cool if it worked.
  4. Aha - fabulous - thank you! What caught me out was that you can toggle "On-screen navigation" but also tap on the menu item itself to get to the more detailed settings. One thing that is still missing though is to add the old-school menu button, or otherwise further customize the nav bar. Is there any way to do this?
  5. I've just posted the root/Magisk process I used...I may have missed some details, but it's largely correct. Feel free to correct me in-thread if I've missed anything!
  6. I just recently installed AICP on my Pro1 and, in another thread, I was asked how I went about getting root and Safetynet working, including Google Pay working. It was pretty straight-forward really, but I had to dig around a bit to figure it out. Here are the exact steps, as best I recollect them. This may not be the best or only way, but it worked for me. And thanks to a number of developers/contributors and forum posts which I consulted while figuring out this process. - Wipe phone, fastboot flash Lineage recovery, then adb sideload AICP and NikGapps ZIPs. Checked phone boots into Andr
  7. Hi Jonathan, I've been looking for that type of customization (setting action for long press and double tap of each nav button), but I couldn't find it. Where in the menu tree are these settings? Cheers -Mario
  8. Agree - I am using AICP right now, but AEX (9) is/was even better. It would be fantastic to have an up-to-date community build of AEX or for Pro1 to have official support! Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with current Android/phones/build process to do this myself... @tdm are you still interested in maintaining this? Maybe if we all promise to buy you a beer?? 😉
  9. So easy when you know how! Thanks 🙂
  10. OK - I've been setting up my phone for the last 6 hours and it's midnight here, so I'll have a crack at writing a guide for this tomorrow instead 🙂 Ultimately it was not difficult but required a few different steps that I only figured out by reading many forum posts and trial-and-error...
  11. After it being much-recommended, I've just been setting up AICP Q on my Pro1. I am stuck on a few rather simple points: - As someone else asked, keyboard backlight. - Set the status bar clock to 24-hour time (at present it is 12-hour AM/PM). For the life of me I can find no setting for this. SOLVED - Disable Settings -> System -> Date & time -> Use locale default, then choose 24-hour format. - Navigation bar customisation - to add menu button, and change behaviour (e.g. I want to disable home button when on home screen from popping up recent apps). Actually, this ma
  12. Hi guys, I am definitely interested in buying a 2nd hand Pro1. I don't mind if the paint is a bit scuffed. *Subject to an assurance that I can cancel my order with F(x)tec* (from 6+ months ago), regarding which I am in contact with F(x)tec right now. I'll definitely be on this forum next few days. Cheers -Mario @Montal8179 @jamescarruthers
  13. As an original Indiegogo Keyboard mod backer, how do I obtain the coupon to get discounted price and prioritized shipping? I can't find any current information on how to do this, and the email address given on the last Indiegogo update no longer works. Many thanks!
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