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  1. I put (a) a magnetic (ferrous) metal rectangle for easy dock/undock from car-mounted magnetic dock, and (b) reflective aluminum (carefully where it does not interrupt the antenna system) to reflect sunlight from 30 deg C plus illumination. Has been super effective. No more issues with phone overheating while in the car! EDIT: I may not have used proper Al sheet, more likely tin which would better explain interaction with antennae.
  2. I am on Vodafone in New Zealand. VF NZ operates 4G LTE FDD on bands 3, 7 and 28. Band 3 works really well, but I can't seem to get band 28 at all (even though Fxtec claims FDD band 28 is supported). My friend's Samsung phone from about 3 years ago is often on band 28 and therefore gets much better coverage in certain areas. I read that it is important to note the specific band plan in use. This is described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia-Pacific_Telecommunity_band_plan_in_the_700_MHz_band The advice is to ensure your phone supports "Band 28 APT" which is a band pl
  3. Darn, well at least I know now, thanks for that! I will ask fxtec for the tool, and maybe can reverse-engineer it enough to make it work. It actually would be nice to be able to control the margins - by default, it is a little overzealous in that if you are holding the phone in your hand it's hard not to accidentally be touching a screen edge, which blocks all other touches from working. So a little bit of margin, but not too much, would be good. Probably not possible to reverse-engineer things enough to achieve that level of control, though, without ridiculous effort. I can't put my
  4. So I just searched the forums as I should have in the first place, and it sounds like only solution is to reflash the entire phone. Which would be a huge hassle to do. Has anyone found a better way? I am on LineageOS 18.1. Can anyone provide the instructions fxtec has allegedly provided to some people? Maybe I can just XXXadbXXX fastboot the special debug OS that has been mentioned, without flashing the phone... Thanks!!
  5. I purchased the panel from the Aliexpress vendor that fxtec support recommended. Installed it a couple of days ago. I removed existing panel with hot air 160 degrees per this guide: https://matland.be/pro1disassembly.pdf I did not use a suction cup but instead a very thin metal wedging tool (similar to razor blade mentioned above). It took a few minutes to remove. The mistakes I made were about installing the new panel. The original panel had a black plastic over the panel's adhesive - so from looking at that, I did not realise that the entire reverse side of the panel as s
  6. Hey guys, Just as a minor update, I've been running ACC / AccA for a while now and it continues to work great. Charging current limit is rock-solid and will definitely prevent fast-charging if you don't want it. As others have noted, tweaking the PMIC settings may mess with the battery "fuel gauge." If you use more extreme settings, the more it may be messed up. Charging current limit is straight-forward and won't mess with the fuel gauge much/at all, as it works by measuring current in and out. One thing that will seriously mess up the fuel gauge is the max charge voltage. I've
  7. Which ROM are you running? I can confirm it works perfectly on LineageOS 11 December 20th release. (everything except "idle mode"). When I installed ACC (which I did via Magisk, but in theory this is not required), it defaulted to something like max charge up to 75%. Once I had the AccA app I could configure min and max charge levels, charge rate, charge voltage to anything - tried several settings and it always operated exactly as set. I did not even have to reboot after installing ACC - after all it does not modify system files, it merely talks to the PMIC via sysfs and/or other APIs. F
  8. Update FWIW, after running ACC for a few days. This is the best thing I've ever done to my phone (especially considering my current battery is not in top shape so I need to take care of it). The screenshot says it all. ACC does what it says on the tin and is perfect for keeping the battery charged between whatever levels you want, and at whatever current and voltage you want. Currently I've set it to start charging below 75% and stop above 85%, and at 650mA and 3.3V max (instead of 3.4V). Both of these dramatically reduce stress on the battery. As you can see, it is over 3 days since
  9. See my edited post - ACC is working really well including charge current and voltage limits. One time only I encountered the "not charging" state, and this corresponded with when my battery nearly self-destructed. Not sure if this was coincidence or if it sensed too high battery temp or what. The charge control on the Pro1 is more advanced than on previous Qualcomm MSM chipsets I've worked with. For one thing, it has the "Max USB current" setting (see in my screenshot further up in thread) and this gets set based on a number of parameters. It is this parameter which gets set by ACC t
  10. Thanks for advice @Rob. S., ACC seems to work really well for what it does. When I tried "test battery idle mode" it just hung saying "this will take a few seconds." After waiting a minute or two I gave up. Is this the same experience you have? Just tested charge rate and voltage limits and both work perfectly. This is with latest stable LineageOS 11. So I don't even need to dig into PMIC settings. ACC is doing everything. Will see how it goes - at one point the ACC daemon died. But as of right now it is working! Which ROM were you testing on when this did not work?
  11. Battery idle mode would be awesome. E.g. in the car, which is already a bad high-temp environment, this would mean you could run the phone with high-current power supply to run navigation apps etc., without touching the battery. I don't think I've ever seen that in a phone. Does ACC have that feature on some devices?
  12. Hmm, interesting, thanks @Rob. S.. Looks like I may need to poke around a bit more... I have dealt a bit with Qualcom PMIC before, but this one may be completely different, who knows! Will report if I find a solution 🙂
  13. Question: just out of curiosity, what is the highest charging current supported by the Pro1, either at 5V or with high-voltage fast charger? Could not see it in the specs.
  14. I just need to find the right way to poke the PMIC to limit charge rate (and charge only up to 80 or 90% for longer life).
  15. Minor update: run-down tested repaired cell - using CPU/GPU-intensive benchmarks for several hours. Got down to 3% and 3.45V while pulling ~1.3A on OpenCL benchmark - terminated test at this point. Definitely was close to rated 3100mAh. I tried the trick of using a charger with 1A and 2.1A outputs, but even when connected to the 1A output, it charges at 1.5A (so obviously my charger does not signal the 1A charging rate, or current-limit the supposed 1A output). In fact, I tried 2 different chargers and on all of them it charges at 1.5A. (More specifically the "Max USB current" parameter i
  16. Yep very good idea simply using a 1A-only port. I am exactly with you here, I don't need fast charge, the phone already lasts all day and 1A or even 0.5A is enough to recharge overnight. I was just lazy and did not do this, and now paid the price. I am a little happy though because I learned a lot, and I am now more certain of the quality and my ability to maintain/repair the phone. The Pro-1X will only be as good or better. Did more digging, and agree the Pro-1X is as compatible as it could possibly be including the battery. So I'll be ordering one on Indiegogo - along with the extra scr
  17. Oh... and the ugly: I lost the rubber microphone damper (for the main mic) somewhere on the floor while removing the back cover. Phone calls are still loud and clear, but now markedly more sensitive to slight hand movements or brushing of the phone against the ear etc. while talking 😞 Moral of the story: microphone dampers are important - don't lose them!!
  18. @SlionSadly all too true in general... However... 😃 !!! I FIXED IT !!! 😃 Disassembly was easy with guide referenced above on github. Actually impressed by how repairable this phone is. Removed battery (cell), did the "prick a hole in the cell to release the gas" trick (don't try this at home - see below). Put it back together and my phone is working just fine after 4 hours' careful work. Will be ordering a new battery from Indiegogo. Obviously, the battery is degraded but phone is working 100%. Yay! * * * The full story... Root cause analysis: I now think it
  19. Well, damn. It most certainly *is* the battery...
  20. Thanks for the advice & encouragement - I found the teardown guide thread and github (https://github.com/imax9000/fxtec-pro1-teardown) - as you say, does not look too bad. It may be something else, but phone expanding for no reason my first thought is always the battery! So definitely will open it and check, and if it is indeed the battery, nurse it along with no fast-charging (I am actually annoyed that it fast-charges, I don't need this, and it wears out the battery). I see the spare battery on Indiegogo, do you think the Pro1X spare battery is definitely the same as for the Pro1? K
  21. I woke up this morning to find my pro1 has expanded (case come unclipped along front of keyboard). I have not opened the shell to check but almost certainly it must be the battery. Has anyone else had an expanding battery? Is there any source of replacement batteries? Has anyone successfully replaced the battery?
  22. I just had this issue for the first time yesterday (after only ever having run Lineage 18 on the phone since I got it a year ago). Rebooting appeared to solve it and everything seemed fine again. HOWEVER, this morning I noticed that my phone is expanding!! So I think I actually have a battery fault. Does anyone know anything about replacement batteries? Searching the forum, it does not look good!
  23. Update: fx support got back to me and offered a free replacement screen assembly, which they claim will become available some time in January. They also pointed me to an aliexpress seller and suggested if I want it fixed sooner, I could buy this at my own expense. With fx timelines being what they are, I am not holding my breath for January, so have ordered screen from Aliexpress. Meanwhile, my current screen has mainly settled down and just sometimes has that one unresponsive row, but no crazy random presses, thank goodness! It seems I may now have another major problem - the batter
  24. First, to clarify one thing: the issue talked about in this thread is not to do with grounding or the charger used. It is some type of physical/mechanical problem in the display/digitizer. Since the vast majority of reports relate to the same exact row in the digitizer, it can be inferred that it is a latent fault in the LCD/digitizer assembly design, or in the way the LCD assembly is mounted in the Pro1. The idea that something is not fully secured and moving slightly, eventually damaging sensitive flex cable or potentially ever more sensitive connections to the actual panel and dig
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