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  1. Try PureMaps + OSM Scout Server for a great native SailfishOS solution (available from Chum).
  2. Especially to backers of the Jolla tablet. (That's a bit of ancient history - I'm over it now, but I bet that some people are still smarting.) Even Chen got burned indirectly, but that was not because of anything that Jolla did.
  3. Me too - I also find that the Gemini is really only usable when resting on a flat surface. I am also a former owner of a Sharp Zaurus SL-C760, now sadly defunct. I found that excellent for thumb typing, and I am hopeful that the Pro1-X will be as good. Here is a post on talk.maemo.org with a couple of links to YouTube videos comparing thumb typing on the Pro1 using the hardware keyboard and on-screen keyboard.
  4. The word from Chen is that flashing is happening tomorrow: https://nitter.pussthecat.org/chenliangchen/status/1544310452343214080#m
  5. Now that the first deliveries of the Pro1-X might be only a few weeks away, I was wondering if anyone who reads this forum has any more information about dual booting on the Pro1-X? I am an early backer and asked for Ubuntu Touch to be pre-installed, but my requirements have changed since then. I will need to reflash to Lineage, but if a viable multi-boot option is on the way I would go down that route instead. P.S. Perhaps someone could tag this thread with the "dual-boot" tag?
  6. Me to, and/or have my backing transferred from the Pro 1 to a future Pro 2 device.
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