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  1. I disassembled phone - issue is with sensor itself, connector is fine, sensor overheats, it is possible to order new sensor somehow? Or maybe new back cover with sensor in it? Currently I disconnected sensor, all seems fine, guess I will have more battery life rn. Never used it anyways­čĄ¬
  2. Hello, I'm using pro1 model, and today I found out, that fingerprint sensor overheats when phone is turned on. Overheating starts just after boot logo. Sensor is not working and temperature makes it impossible to touch. Is this common issue, is there any way to fix it? P.S. Phone is on stock firmware.
  3. I've got tracking info today, everything looks fine.
  4. @Chris "We have added your order to our list for shipping next week, and we will update you with the tracking details most likely on Monday."
  5. Yesterday I got a response from the support. So they do answer emails, it just takes time.
  6. Well, they did not complete all January 2020 orders, I have payed for pro1 (qwerty) at 20-th January 2020 - it is still in "Processing" status (order number 48416).
  7. @Erik could you give some info about order status (order number is 48416), since support is not responding to emails?
  8. My is qwerty one, they should be less rare. I was mainly disapponted by the fact, that support said, that device will be send in a few days, but it was not. Will wait for some more time, I guess.
  9. January 2020 qwerty one, still waiting too.
  10. So much time have passed since I have payed for pro1 (#48416 from 20-th January 2020), but still no tracking info available. After contacting support around 1 month ago, they said, that tracking info will be available "in the next couple of days", but status is still "Processing". Now support is not even responding to emails. This attitude towards customers is simply bad. I didn't issue a refund yet only because I really like idea of pro1's keyboard.
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