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  1. That defeats the purpose of using Lineage. Lineage is designed to be used with G apps. It gets you away from the tracking/privacy features that google loves to hide from you.
  2. Try using a PC that has a USB 2.0 Port. Flashing with a USB 3.0 Port seems to have problems and can either 1. Mess up or fail or 2. Won't work at all. Also buy a new USB C cable as well. The USB C cables tend to be more fragile than the standard micro USB cables.
  3. Can i do this on linux, because i just tried it on windows and nothing happened. Fastboot doesnt.
  4. So ive been trying to get Ubuntu Touch to install on my phone for some time now and it worked at first, but ever since using the UBPorts software, ive been getting a bootloop to a degree, and can only install Lineage OS now. So im trying to restore back to stock, but after reading all the fourms i want to make sure i do it correctly the first time and not have to go though hours of code and work to get it working if i mess up. What is the best way to go about booting back to stock without having potential problems. Also, Is there a discord, or a IIRC/Matrix or a Tor type cha
  5. So I have an original Pro 1 and have been using it more and more. I'm trying to figure out what the best camera app that is out there that is stable for taking good photos. Ill be using this camera for taking photos on eBay to sell items, and i want to make sure that it will work for my needs before i make the full switch and get rid of my old phone. I need the shutter button to work with the focus with the two touch process as well. What OS have you guys found to be the most stable when it comes to the camera as well. Thanks
  6. How has the camera been on it? And what OS are you using on it? I am going to use this phone for taking photos on ebay, and want to make sure that it is still suitable for my needs. Has the software been improved with the camera button with the focus. Thanks
  7. I Had the little green bar pop up on mine after installing the Lineage OS 18 update. I thought it may have been a battery life indicator but i could be wrong. It went away when i flashed another rom onto it.
  8. Alright thanks. I read a lot of what you had to say on that forum. I called T-Mobile and the guy recommended that i get the cheapest $20 plan, and get a $30 month for a hot spot. Gonna have to think about that. Great concept, but IDK. He was also really intrigued by my phone (everyone has when i call and tell them about it and have the check it out).
  9. How did you make this case? Really Interested in making a DIY one for this device.
  10. So i know there have been a lot of messages on the Verizon thread, but im trying to figure out the proper way to get this phone activated on Verizon. I really don't feel like leaving Verizon due to the fact that i always switch back because of service. I have been successful at getting the phone calls to go through and i can receive texts. I just cant send them out. Everything else seems to work perfectly. I've talked for multiple hours on the chat and a few hours on the phone with Verizon Support and I was not very successful. I have tried the CDMA-Less Option and a new sim ca
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