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  1. It was migrated over from my Priv - so that theory could indeed be true for me as well.
  2. I'm seeing it as well (thought it was just me!) It doesn't appear to be at a consistent time, so it being stopped or crashing is something I'll try to look into when it next happens.
  3. I think the point was that, given the delay (which wouldn't have been free even without the SoC/etc. changes, and I'm sure it wasn't through choice), if money had been invested in developing the software then there's a significant risk they'd of ended up with somewhat incomplete software for somewhat incomplete hardware - ie. nothing deliverable to anyone. They've decided to prioritise the hardware. At least people are getting something for their money, even if at the moment it might not be exactly what we were expecting/lacking in some regards. If you don't like what you've got (r
  4. My experience isn't quite that bad, I suppose, although it is struggling to keep a 5ghz wifi connection 10ft from my router - and you have to get within 6 before it gets to 'Good'. Having taken it outside for the first time over my lunch break, its also failing to keep a reliable 4G connection outside when its never been a problem before. It loses the ability to use our wifi on either 2.4 or 5 far closer (8ft closer at least) than my Priv can keep a very reliable 5ghz connection going. Really hoping something can be done to make it better than it is, its bordering on unusable - I
  5. Its the same for me, in general connection strengths for all types of network aren't as good/reliable as my old phone (BB Priv).
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