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Fell in few drops of water. Can't switch on

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Very common service "we can repair Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Xiaomi, or any other mobile phone/tablet/gadjet", i don't think that in Russia i can find special FX Tec specialists. Serviceman says that "i

Today my pro1 fell on rubber floor mat in a car with small amount of water - melted snow from boots. Now it don'react to the power button pressing, don't charge. Have asked support, what can i do

Morning i took phone to the nearest service center - it was disassembled here. All connection loops where in salt and green oxide, after cleaning with Kontaktreiniger (Liqui Moly) and assembling it wo

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3 hours ago, Gon009 said:

I guess that F(x)Tec would pick up my current phone and I would have to wait in the line like everyone else leaving me without the phone for a long time. Clove would either immediately send a replacement(which they don't have currently) or give me full refund. If the phone would have to be repaired then they would have to replace the top part of the phone, I think it's the reason of the problem, this also probably could fix the wobble because it's on the connection of upper part. Question is if they can get that entire part to replace(so far no info about spare parts and it's custom made part) or if it's easier to replace the phone once they are available.

I'm pretty sure that FxTec stated somewhere that they initially would simply swap phones and not do repairs, for accepted warranty claims. (How long they would do that was not stated, as I remember)

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On 1/11/2020 at 3:47 AM, Gon009 said:

It happens only on the right edge, at least in my case. The screen is slightly to the right, it's not directly on the center, I don't know if it's QA failure or an actual design.

It might be worth looking at the screws under the stickers on the back; maybe the loctite got rubbed off on one of em before they put it in and it came loose or something? 

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