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  1. How did you make "Detect edge swipes" working? It does not work for me and not being able to swipe is as painful as accidental touches on edges.
  2. Doubt it will help. I have problems with screen being slightly to the right, it can be felt but can't be shown on photos, however I can lift the screen with nails because it extends little over the top case and I showed it to them and it's a nice place for a dust to get under the screen and it can be perfectly shown on photos. Support didn't quite believe me even after sending videos and when I asked them few times for the location of closest authorized service so they can confirm it, they ignored that question few times. I guess I will try again... They've seen that my phone was dropped once
  3. I guess that F(x)Tec would pick up my current phone and I would have to wait in the line like everyone else leaving me without the phone for a long time. Clove would either immediately send a replacement(which they don't have currently) or give me full refund. If the phone would have to be repaired then they would have to replace the top part of the phone, I think it's the reason of the problem, this also probably could fix the wobble because it's on the connection of upper part. Question is if they can get that entire part to replace(so far no info about spare parts and it's custom made part)
  4. The keyboard of Pro1 itself is great but suffers currently from software issues that are being worked on. Once they fix it it will be a mile better than virtual one. Also it takes a lot of time to learn to use it properly. The performance is also great. The phone looks great with opened keyboard but as soon as I close it I feel like the "magic" goes away. I used Samsung mid-range phones before and I hated their performance and planned obsolescence but now I see that they were much more comfortable to use in portrait than Pro1... not because of size but because of button placement, every button
  5. Hold up, edgy boy. Pro1 is not any "genius" work and you talk about it like Fxtec is some kind of world savior or god emperor and everyone who doesn't follow your Fxtec religion is worthless. I just wanted a $720 phone that is perfectly usable. If you think that posting flaws and telling what is wrong with the phone is a bad thing then you are just a fanatic.
  6. I did not mention letter shifted qwerty being a flaw at all. The wobble is in closed position at the bottom of the phone, it wobbles from the left to right making sounds when it moves. I asked people here about that and so far nobody else had the same issue. By "right side buttons" I meant volume, power and fingerprint sensor. Not the keyboard. I feel like you completely didn't understand my previous post. Where did I want a PC with phone capabilities? I wanted a smartphone with keyboard and issues I mentioned happen in portrait mode. The phone is annoying to use in portrait,
  7. Nice... I wrote both to fxtec and clove.co.uk(because I bought my phone from them), let's see what fxtec writes about it. I actually prefer to get a replacement from clove once they get their next batch because at least when they have it, they will send it immediately unlike fxtec.
  8. The problem with Pro1 is that most design flaws are not related to being a slider. Bad placement of right side buttons(the worst I've seen in any smartphone), bad camera button(the worst I've seen in any phone, there's no press feeling between "focus" and "make photo" stages), loose sim tray that makes sounds, curved screen that in my case I can lift with nails at the sides and only one flaw that the Pro1 has because of being a slider, the wobble on the bottom of my unit, is there because the bottom part of the phone lacks the second support like the top part. It can't be fixed with simple sof
  9. Just to make things clear, the gap in the red circle is there because i can lift the screen with my nails(which shouldn't be allowed to happen anyway) and what the gap looks like normally without any lifting is circled with yellow circle, however in that yellow circle it looks like that at all edges, even left ones. Something like that, the right side of the screen goes a little bit farther than the top part. When I move my finger from the top part to the screen I can feel the difference, unfortunately it's impossible to make a photo of it. I circled how the
  10. Another problem is curved screen, don't know if you already saw that but a lot of dust goes under the screen on curved parts. You can lift the curved screen on the edges even with your nails, there's no protection there. Top and bottom parts of the screen are fine because are flat but curved screen + nonglued screen will be a nightmare in the future, I don't know how it is designed under the screen but if there are some parts vulnerable for dust, there will be a lot of failures. I still don't understand why they put curved screen into Pro1, I don't care about "fancy" look.
  11. I find it amusing that Unihertz Titan already sent their phones and still they had more than double amount of preorders than Pro1 while not many people got their Pro1 yet. Some people are trying to sell their Titans for absurd prices to make money on it. I heard that main issues are software but from hardware side the phone seems great which a plus over Pro1 flawed design choices because software can be always fixed unlike hardware. Btw. I'm 100% sure that there were no Beta testers at all for Pro1 and it was just PR move to show that something was "happening".
  12. After using Pro1 for two weeks I feel like the curved screen is a big mistake. I have big fingers and I find myself accidentally pressing the screen a lot, especially when trying to use a phone with one hand. Null Edge app has problems with swipe, even with "experimental" enabled so if you begin your swipe at "nulled" edge, nothing will be recognized like you didn't even press the screen at all. If Fxtec ever want to produce any other device, I hope they will ditch curved screens. The curved screen is entirely against "function is a key" motto of Fxtec. But this isn't the only design issue of
  13. Isn't it clear by reading review? Keyboard enthusiasts and power users practically don't exists. Playing games is not what average user does I think, at least in my country mobile games are a minority of smartphone users. That's valid point, bashing hardware was out of place but we don't know which bugs had their version, maybe their version suffered from poor performance, we won't know. My Pro1 for example suffers from wobbling, something i hear doesn't happen in other devices. And you missed the point of how phones are designed today. Learning curve must be as small a
  14. I don't need to force it actually. I can just slide my finger from left to right and I head that noise and it happens in every day handling. If I lightly tap bottom right side of the phone when the hinge is I can also hear that sound. For me this is a lack of build quality, especially because no one else experience issues like these it seems. In the video I wasn't even forcing it that much. EDIT: Also, the top hinge is completely fine and from what I see they aren't different in construction.
  15. You can listen to what is happening when I move my finger left and right on the phone, first I show that everything is OK on the top and then I do the same on the bottom, you need to put your volume up to hear that because quality of my mic in old phone is poor: https://youtu.be/dysNIZc5Pyw The same happens the I tap the screen stronger. It was like that from the start, it seems that phones don't pass proper quality checks after assembling. I wish I could ask for a replacement but I know I will have to wait few months for it... Shame on Fxtec. Since you are quite familiar w
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