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  1. Thank you, I will do that. but would you mind telling me, where I can find that? is it somewhere hidden in the settings, or is it an app i have to find? I tried to find it but the search function has unfortunately yielded nothing.
  2. I am not sure.It might be a Hardware issue, but it might be a Software error. A reset might fix it, but I don't want to go through all the trouble of resetting my phone right now. It nothing helps, I have to do that - or just live with the current state. Here is what I tried so far: I found a setting in the preferences under "Slider" called "Landscape orientation Lock" which was activated and I disabled it. (see Picture 1) This worked fine for a while. ------------------ But now my problem is reversed and the virtual keyboard is ALWAYS displayed. It doesn't matte
  3. i have the same problem since i charged it yesterday, on top of the keyboard not showing the phone it wants to display all apps in widescreen modem even if i press the "rotate screen" icon numerous times, and not all aps are viable on widescreen.. multiple rebootings did not help yet. does somebody have an idea?
  4. ..and if they have enough spare parts. I can imagine that fxtec only plays second fiddle in the distribution of components. 😞
  5. My biggest concern is that fxtec goes bankrupt because of corona. 😞 They can't produce and therefore sell phones and earn money right now. Who knows when the factory is able to start producing again... And no, it is not because of money, I just want my pro1.. And I hate my dying Priv every day a little more..😫 ( sry for the last part, I just had to vent 😌 Btw. I preordered on May 17th, paid on Aug 13th and received an "order received" mail on Aug 20th. QwertZ)
  6. I agree. Keeping everyone save is way more important. But I can imagine many of the workers in china are not getting paid when they are absent. They will probably want to return to work soon. Anyway, to keep this thread somewhat complete, I'll post the newsletter from Fxtex, which arrived yesterday.
  7. I agree. I don't have my pro1 yet, so I can only guess, but as you said the USB-port is on its own circuit board. Maybe @adidas88 just needs to check if that is still connected to the main circuit board of the pro1. Maybe it just became loose.
  8. is there any new information about the current corona virus lockdown and is there any idea when production will start again? the wait is really hard to bear 😢
  9. You sure? With all the controversy going on here, someone is sure to claim that FXTEC has bred the virus to have an excuse for the delayed delivery times. 🙄😜
  10. The only thing we got in that direction is to react "confused" I guess...
  11. @silversolver i would gladly do that, but.. 😉
  12. I am just curious about the division of qwertY to qwertZ orders in this community. 😃😃 (And yes, this might not represent the real situation out there, but I'm curious anyway 😉 ) Feel free to comment if you already received your Pro1 and if you "rearanged" your Keyboard via an App.
  13. @Gon009 Sounds to me like you got a representative example or a "lemon". But I think it will be hard to replace or repair until the big batch announced for the end of January arrived at the customers.
  14. ...and even Fruit Ninja is more fun in landscape mode. 😉
  15. Aannnnd.. Its a scam 😉 Okay, hopefully not. But seriously though.. Cancel only if your phone from that reseller arrives and not before that. It would be sad if it is all fake... (And if you cancel, I will gladly take your place in the queue 😉 )
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