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WiFi signal strength

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I'm creating this topic for people to discuss the WiFi signal strength of their Pro1 phones.  This can be used to report on tests that have been done and any tips for improving the signal strength, hence the range of the device and the speed of data transfers at greater distances.

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One idea is for people to install an app like Wifi Analyzer (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en_US) and report what it shows for the Pro1 vs other phones, at the same distance from the wireless access point.  This is a screenshot from the Play Store, not from my Pro1, but it shows how the app shows the signal strength in dBm.  The values will always be negative values.  Values closer to 0 (zero) are stronger than values further away from 0.

dBm values are logarithmic scale.  Every 10 dBm lower in value (closer to zero) represents TEN TIMES the signal strength.  Every 3 dBm lower in value represents about *TWICE* the signal strength.

NOTE:  It is the difference between devices that is important.  The raw values don't mean as much, because obstacles and distance and interference from other access points can all affect them.  The question is, how does the Pro1 behave *compared* to other wireless devices.

The frequency matters too.  The lower higher the frequency, the lower the range.  5.8 GHz frequencies won't travel as far as 2.4 GHz frequencies.

Screenshot Image

I just did a very basic test with a Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G, a Pixel 1, and the Pro1, about 7 or 8 feet from my access point.  Here are the lowest (best) values I got in several minutes of watching the phones for channel 149, which is a 5.8 GHz channel, with a frequency of 5745 MHz.  The values did move around higher sometimes, but these were the lowest (best) values.

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G = -25 dBm

Pixel 1 = -25 dBm

Pro1 = -40 dBm

This means that the best values for the Pro1 were 15 dBm different from the other two phones, which represents over 30 times lower power.  Now, that doesn't  mean that performance would necessarily be worse at that range.  However, as range increases, the performance will likely degrade with the Pro1 before it does with the other two phones.

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Yes the strength of the wifi should be improved in the Fx tec Pro2.  Whereas my galaxy note 8 can access the wifi network in the most remote room of my flat, the pro1 was regularly loosing the wifi signals in this room, (and I was experiencing a loot of spontaneous reboot of the phone).

I have installed now an additional wifi access point in the flat. Since I do not experience spontaneous reboot anymore. Will see.

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On 1/31/2020 at 12:13 AM, david said:

This does not seem to work at all, says no signals are available even when connected - perhaps it is intended for older Android? Last updated over two years ago.

Another one (open source) works, and displays at the least 5 and at the worst 15db worse results on a Pro1 placed at the same place as a Samsung S8-. So in 'mean' that is half the signal.

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I can confirm the findings of @EskeRahn. I just made some comparative tests with the phones I have right now, i. e.: Fairphone 2 and Jolla 1.

In the band of 2.4 GHz, the Pro1 is between 2 to 18 dBm less sensitive. The other 2 phones give similar results between them.

In the band of 5 GHz, the Pro1 is between 2 to 10 dBm less sensitive than the FP2.

Having the keyboard opened or closed does not change much the results.

(apps used : Wifi Analyzer on Android devices, Wlan Monitor on the Jolla 1)

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I haven't made any measurements but can confirm that being positioned in the very same spot of my desk as the previous phone (Motorola One), the Pro1 has a weaker connection to my office's AP/router. To the point that sometimes the connection drops and it starts consuming my cell plan's megabytes.

The Moto never dropped the conection while in this exact same spot, and always had a strong signal (the wifi status icon would always be 75% full at least).

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