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  1. I saw both situation on stock OS, reboots in idle or while using the phone.
  2. I didn't know about AOKP. After reading some information on the net, it's clear that I'll be installing this on my device, as soon as it is available. Glad there is another milestone after LineageOS.
  3. With the first device I get, I had quite a few reboots at home when playing youtube videos through wifi. The reboots appeared when doing additional things like pressing volume up or down, etc. They sent me a second device which is far better in this regard but some reboots still appear from time to time, at home (during the night, phone idle).
  4. This is a massive improvement, thanks for the hint!
  5. This. I put 3 SD cards of different size and manufacturer and none of them were recognized. Then I rebooted the device when one was inserted.
  6. Geneva, Switzerland, here. Will install LineageOS soon + root it.
  7. I made a leather pouch for the Pro1. I used cow leather, thickness about 2 mm. All the parts are glued with super glue gel adhesive which remains flexible. I made some holes to see the led and to get stereo sound! There is no flap for closing, just a gap that opens to let the device in and out. see pictures for the details. If you want to try something similar, make sure that the inner part is about 1 mm wider than the phone to ensure it’s easy to slide it out.
  8. I bought a magnetic connector and this one also is protruding a lot, this seems a constant of all these devices. Not very convenient but it's easier to remove. Nevertheless, I will try to reduce the length of my connector by several tenth of mm.
  9. I made a Swiss - French keyboard that I sent to Anssi Hannula (along with money beer). This could also benefit others as I tried to be as standard as possible, there are a lot of special characters not often used but I put them anyway as they are in the Swiss - French layout.
  10. I just tried Light Manager and it's working. There is advertisements but hopefully only when the app is open, i.e. during the set up. Let's see if it doesn't consume too much battery. Edit: it's called Light manager 2 Edit 2 : I just tried setting different colors for different apps.
  11. I had the same problem with the first device I received, the phone crashed under load, for example when I rotated it while watching a youtube video, etc. I complained to Chen who sent me another unit. I sent back the first one and the team is investigating. Other people have a similar issue, see here I hope that this problem is not too widespread and that it can be solved via software.
  12. Mine does the same thing, maybe a little bit less than yours, difficult to say. I would say there is nothing to worry about, a little play is normal to prevent the mechanism from jamming or the parts from rubbing against each other.
  13. Chen is aware of the problem, the team is investigating.
  14. This also shows that to date, they have supplied less than a quarter of all orders (9 vs 42 (9+33)).
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