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Poor call audio quality on Pro1?

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I've now had about 8 calls in the setup above. I've not enabled WiFi calls again yet. Only one of those has had some "buzzing" - so it seems to made an overall improvement to call quality. In the ca

Is anyone else experiencing poor call audio quality both over network and facebook messenger? It looks like the Pro1 handset audio is being distorted by the network radio resulting in poor audio

I experience distorted sound from ear speaker due to high volume which can't be lowered any further. I bet it will get better when the high volume bug is sorted.

So I've finally started using my Pro1, running with MicroG for Lineage distribution and I'm pretty happy with the phone except for one thing: The audio quality during phone calls is bad.

  • People I call hear static/buzzing all the time unless I switch to hands-free mode - make of that what you will, I don't get it.
  •  During a call - without either party moving - the audio quality switches from 'normal' to 'muffled' and back again all the time. This happens both with Wifi calls (and me sitting right next to the router) and 4G calls. Since 3G has been switched off in Germany I can't test WCDMA and I don't have GSM reception where I live, only LTE. Or at least the phone doesn't pick up any signal beside LTE.

Is there a way to test the 'bottom' microphone when not in a call? Audio recorders seem to pick up the microphone on the back which is also used in hands-free mode, I guess?


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LTE but no GSM? That's gross, but it doesn't surprise me in Germany. Just today there were reports that Telekom's process switching off 3G networks in favour of 4G and preparing for 5G has left some regions to GPRS and EDGE only...

So when you disable "4G calling" under "network and internet" -> your provider, you cannot take/make any calls at all? 

I fear you might be out of luck then with regard to using the phone by itself with its mic and speaker. The only workaround I could think of would be using a headset (cable or bluetooth, while bluetooth sometimes seems to have its own problems regarding call quality, too)...

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@Rob. S. eh, it's not just Telekom. The entire 3G network is being shut off in Germany in favour of 4G/5G. See -> https://www.computerbase.de/2021-06/3g-abschaltung-telekom-vodafone-telefonica/ (German article with rough time estimates). And yes, in my apartment/house you don't get GSM reception.


I fear you might be out of luck then with regard to using the phone by itself with its mic and speaker.

I'm not so sure about it. The speaker works fine for me most of the time, it's just sometimes the audio switches to muffled for some reason, but that also happens when I make the call via Wifi. While standing next to the router.

I'm not sure what causes the buzzing/static on the receiving end of the call. I don't think it's the modem or else I would also have the static in hands-free mode. Also the  static should disappear in that case when I make a call via Wifi.

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