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Serious performance issues

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16 hours ago, zurvan2 said:

Governor: interactive

Scheduler: cfq


Thanks! I think that those are default settings that other OEM manufactuers are also using. I don't that the issue is related to those settings. It might be something else like a aggressive battery saving feature?

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EDIT: The cause of the problem has been found: Original post:  monitored couple game sessions with KFMark and noticed that Pro1 has indeed some issues with gaming performance. The phone can

It's definitely the Snapdragon 835 CPU. The sound issue is a bug with the system forcing a power saving rule as investigated below. This is at the top of our list for the coming update/s.  

CPU Throttling Test and GFXBench (use Manhattan Battery Test for long term test) are good apps for thermal test. I will post my results shortly.

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On 5/12/2020 at 11:54 AM, 3zet said:

I think the most comparable apps and games will be from this post below:

I've attempted to get Dolphin up and running, but no luck so far. If anyone has a game that's free on the play store that demonstrates the issue, that would be simplest to test.

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Digging this up again with an old new discovery. Well, something I noticed back in February on my old unit but only now bugged me again which made me remember.

If you've used HDMI before, it might've triggered some bug that causes periodical stutter every few seconds. It feels a bit like there are vsync misses, so depending on how apps are coded, they may slow down or skip frames or even run faster for a brief moment. Though it can also be just observed when scrolling menus if you pay attention.
At first I thought only rebooting fixes it, but as the bug appears to be random, just plugging in HDMI again may also work.

Here's two GFXBench graphs, one while stutter bug is active, and one after fixing it (via HDMI plugging, no reboots in-between):

The benchmark itself doesn't matter. This one wasn't making the Pro1 sweat all and was limited by vsync. The graphs are pretty telling though.

I'm not sure if I'm really onto something here, but the graph looks awfully similar to what FlyingAntero had in their benchmarks in May. I wonder if they ever used HDMI on their phone.
If not, then I'll still leave this info here as a warning for anyone who dares to plug in their phone via HDMI. Could go wrong. Perhaps it's my cable, but otherwise HDMI is working fine here, so dunno.

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Interesting found! I did a clean flash some time ago and I have not plugged my device to HDMI after that. So today, I performed the FPS test again and faced no issues 💪.


I will test later on if plugging to HDMI triggers the issue again.


I can confirm, plugging the phone to HDMI triggers the issue. Performance was OK when device was plugged but after I removed the cable the issue was there. See from below.



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I am able to reproduce the performance issue everytime I connect the phone to TV via HDMI. The lagging starts after I unplug the HDMI cable, lock the phone and then unlock. To fix the issue you need to reboot the phone. (I was not able to fix it by plugging and unplugging HDMI cable several times).

I can take logs when I have time.

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I wasn't able to fix it by unplugging the HDMI cable back in February either, but it's something I encountered yesterday. I'd assume fixing it like that is pretty unlikely, but it did happen at least once for me. I'm not sure what plays into this, so I'll call it random for now.

I'm glad I didn't have to reboot since setting up ADB Wifi each time is a pain and I've been racking up some uptime too, even if it doesn't really matter. 

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1 hour ago, 3zet said:

The problem is, I never connect my pro1 to the HDMI, because I don't even have any adapter. Yesterday I flashed Lineage because stock pissed me off completely. Maybe its time to retest it? 🙂

There is also a possibility that something else triggers the issue as well. Or it is completely different thing that you have noticed.

So far the only performance issue that I have faced is related to HDMI. I just need to reboot my phone every time I unplug it from HDMI. Then there are no issues.

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