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  1. You should wait for the Maemo Leste.
  2. Also java minecraft have awesome mods and modpacks, right now I'm playing with friends on Sevtech: Ages on the sky. Great modpack. Also Enigmatica 2: Expert was a really good one but this ramps up crafting difficulty to ridiculous level and its indeed for experts 😄
  3. I'm using something very similar and I simply hiding magisk from the app, works. Also my device is not rooted all the time, I switch root on only when I need to.
  4. Updated yesterday via sideload with nano opengapps and Magisk. No problems so far, even banking apps with nfc payments are working! 😀
  5. AICP versus Lineage versus AOKP because I'm not into Android too much 🙄
  6. I didn't remember that! Good to know. In a business manner - Pro1 is like the milestone for the company, they made new business contacts and from now they can negotiate new contracts with bigger quantities which are a bit more prioritized. Now it will be rolling like snowball, if they will be able to find new customers and we will be able to change the phone every 2-3 generations 🙄
  7. Numbers? Someone FINALLY released a finished product! You can believe or not, there was at least 4 projects of qwerty devices (3 of them from before 2017, not by Adrian and Chen, 1 was the qwerty addon for moto by them) and that thing is already huge success.
  8. No restarts, just turn off the setting and reopen the app.
  9. works like a charm, just you need to turn off the root in dev settings.
  10. Plasti-dip, its damn great.
  11. Everything depends on the quality of the copper used in the wires. Low quality ones have higher resistance so that's why they have higher current draw and drops data transfers, the additional power just going into heating the poor quality cable.
  12. The problem is, I never connect my pro1 to the HDMI, because I don't even have any adapter. Yesterday I flashed Lineage because stock pissed me off completely. Maybe its time to retest it? 🙂
  13. Any new layouts? 🙂 I want to modify one to fit RTL-SDR receiver, angled USB-C connector with some circuitry and SMA connector for the antenna.
  14. Just UK banking things 😀
  15. Wooo, this should allow to run most of the banking apps without any problem.
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