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  1. 3zet

    Refund request ignored

    Just UK banking things 😀
  2. Wooo, this should allow to run most of the banking apps without any problem.
  3. MicroJava virtual machine works great with almost any game 😄 Gish in attachment. There is only problem with the background - game is made for portrait 240x320 but I run it in 320x240.
  4. Dude, there are still few people which ordered phone over a year ago and still not received it. I think only the people which ordered phone on it's announcement like me got it.
  5. Hello @Craig, Sorry for writing now but I needed to paint it at home 😄 Try this layout, much more reassembles some handheld console. I'm using only this one and honestly - I don't need any attachments for the keyboard.
  6. Can you show your keyboard bindings in games?
  7. I think the most comparable apps and games will be from this post below:
  8. Can you compare performance on your device with original governor and with ondemand, please? We found the possible reason!
  9. I wanted to play some few really nice J2ME games so I installed J2ME from Play Store. Tankzors and Gravity Defied are still good games! 😄 EDIT: Gravity Defied is also available on F-Droid repository with all level packs 😮
  10. Hmmm, I've got something today 😊
  11. It will be nice when someone with rooted stock will check the current governor.
  12. I had that problem when my pro1 hit something really hard in my backpack. Check screen assembly if it detached from the backplate, dent on the speaker side should be visible.
  13. In a certain profession group is already used as currency 😄
  14. Use iSesamo for opening next time, its much better in skilled hands.
  15. Good luck with that, some time ago one has been sold on ebay for almost twice the regular price is.
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