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  1. The situation when application in 2020 is less functional than its 2006 equivalent.
  2. That's sad, I remember for Symbian was app called MagicKey which was allowing change key mapping for different applications, so there was no need to change layouts manually.
  3. That's weird - my phone restarted itself an hour ago for first time I have it.
  4. Only Carmageddon and Sky Force. Both working great.
  5. There is even gui sftp with ssh terminal 😄 I don't need termux to manage my game servers 😄
  6. X-Plore have really nice support for many type of file transfers and you can even set wifi server through it.
  7. I think this will also fix some issues with calling quality in certain apps.
  8. Maybe it's time for dedicated rockbox player? I'm still using my iPod video with Rockbox.
  9. I'm curious if there's a chance to add Fn+Esc = back button. Because back is quite usable in Android.
  10. That does not mean you will have good signal. Read about wave propagation.
  11. The problem is I can't explain it easier, but I will try to make some video at evening.
  12. I have compeltly different method. I slightly pushing slider both to the bottom and front. to the front a bit weaker. Exacty like in N97.
  13. Weird, after reboot keyboard works fine and switches off.
  14. You need to press exactly at center of the button. Side will click but nothing will happen.
  15. Try ProfiMail - I'm using it since Symbian phones.
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