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  1. Yep, works online and you can race with PC clients of RVGL. There is even huge scene of that game, even with tournaments! Many people play with phones.
  2. RVGL - Port of Re-Volt game engine. Works perfectly with keyboard!
  3. Hi, there is any chance and if, when ROM will be able to run apps which are looking for safetycheck option? I don't know too much about Android and it's forks so sorry for stupid questions.
  4. There is very nice hack of NES Battle City which calls Binary City, it transforms simple tank game into a logic one, full of riddles etc.
  5. @Craig Did you checked cpu override option before setting speed?
  6. In some more complicated geometry fps is lower, but game is not choppy and still very playable on full speed.
  7. Something between 40-55 is fine.
  8. Okay. That's getting weird. I don't know what I've done but not only I fixed the issues with performance with my unit (Mario Kart was working much slower than you showed on the movie @Craig), I also found a way how to speed them up significantly! You need to select overclocking option and instead to go over 100%, just select something below. Now emulation will be much smoother at cost of fps (when emulation can't keep up game runs slower than it should so its better to keep it run normally when fps are a bit lower). Now all the games runs just fluently. Slowdown at the end of video was make by thermal throttling I think. I have no idea what was the issue with emulation speed. I didn't change any option. Because of the stock firmware I'm using onscreen controls and also there is sound stuttering.
  9. I will also try it in the moment, I'm making image of my own disk. That's how game runs on S8+ with this same SoC.
  10. The latest build. I downloaded it from dolphin website. How many fps you have? I didn't try Mario Kart so I just test it and I will tell you. The problem is the games which should run on 60fps on Snapdragon 835 works maybe on 30 or even less, so fast paced 60fps games are unplayable because they are working with half of the original speed. About software - I know about many issues on stock but I need working one, simple thing - my banking apps. So I trying to keep stock firmware at all cost.
  11. Nokia when was doing sliders manufactured about 80-120 and only because they had much more people.
  12. S8+. Graphics options are identical, excluding rendering resolution, which in Samsung I was able to set it higher.
  13. Even if, company advertised phone with SoC which cannot be utilised in 100% when you compare it to other companies. That's kinda silly I think. That's most likely the issue. Honestly, someone from company should investigate this, because the fact We can't use full potential even quite old SoC just sucks.
  14. No, emulator gives all render resolutions to choose. The problem is Pro1 can't keep up even on lowest one when Samsung runs 60fps even higher ones. I installed version which allows to turn off sound emulation but when I'm trying to load any game without sound, emulator crashes.
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