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  1. Screen is disconnecting from its connector. Which one? I don't know. Unplug, brush both plugs and sockets very gently with fiberglass brush, reassemble. Pins just oxidized, had the same issue and also very bad LTE signal, brushing connectors helped a lot.
  2. I've done OTA update yesterday, no problems at all.
  3. Okay, the issue occurs when device is fully charged and shuts off charging by software when the charger is still connected. When the phone is connected to the charger once again, it is not charging, only reset fixes that
  4. Just out of curious I tried some time ago screens both for Elephone U and U Pro and both are working fine after reflashing to stock.
  5. I'm using Delta's best charger - 5.2V 3A without fast charging and I have the same problem. I don't know what causing that, its just too inconsistent.
  6. Also have that problem, especially it shows when phone is more than 10 days of uptime. Lineage 18.1.
  7. I know you're joking, but most engineering software went to subscription plan and normal licences are for older versions of it without win10 support. And they works the same so the choice is easy.
  8. Optimistic? 😆 With my engineering experience they have maximum 4 weeks for successful certification If they really want to send ready devices in August. And Where are the prototypes of 662 boards?
  9. I think the last issue was in the corrupted update file which I downloaded in 3 parts because of the poor wifi, not in 1 chunk as usual.
  10. Yesterday's OTA installed without any problem, even if previous one crashed the updater.
  11. You can try to download some linux ISO and create live USB, for example Mint one and install missing stuff like adb and fastboot and try there (its possible even on live USB mode so you don't need to install OS on your PC).
  12. Maybe not the IT itself, but still electronics engineering 😉
  13. OTA updater crashed during 20210222 update. Most likely file was corrupted, after reboot it shows 20210222 version and no need to update. OS is not crashing at all. Should I be worried?
  14. Well, I bought identical controller for my Pro1, now I can say its great handheld 😄 Honestly, I recommend to check one of the cloud services like gamepass or Nvidia one. I'm smashing trough the Minecraft Dungeons right now! Ah, yes, I forgot about that. Cheaper gamepads does not have triggers, just plain buttons. Still, the only construction I know have that triggers is a Razer gamepad which is about 4x more expensive than that chinese one, and even better - in Razer one you cannot switch the modes (Android, iOS, Xinput) so you need to buy one of three different ver
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