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  1. Roguelikes! The keyboard lets us play "real" roguelikes, not just the ones that have been simplified for mobile. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Nethack Brogue
  2. There's an app called KeyMapper (and many other options as well) that will let you redefine the behavior of keys. You could use that to make shift-3 produce that symbol.
  3. I would rather have to enter my password manually than have my phone subject to arbitrary inputs when it was unlocked without my knowing. This is the original purpose of a "keyguard".
  4. I don't think most people are complaining that it's hard to reach the fingerprint reader... most complaints are that it's too easy to *unintentionally* activate the fingerprint reader. The failure cases are that the phone is already unlocked when you go to use it or that the screen shows "too many attempts". Both are because the fingerprint reader is, in essence *too* convenient.
  5. I also had this. My theory was that despite my best efforts, something had actually modified the system partition, making the checksums not match. I restored the stock system.img as well as boot.img, and that let the update proceed. I was lucky that the version I was updating from was the original stock rom that I had system.img for. Since then I have been *much* more careful about things modifying the system, and have not had the same problem.
  6. Compare lists of LTE bands on the two phones and t-mobile. You could also try an app like LTE Discovery on each device to show you which bands are in use.
  7. Neither of these affect my Pro1. If anything, the screen stays off for too long after it is held to the ear. No complaints about audio, either. Have you installed all the OTA updates? I think one of them addressed some things like this.
  8. I have that exact version rooted, using pretty much the *current* steps in the first post of this thread. (I.E. I patched the boot.img using the Magisk Manager installed on my device and installed that using fastboot)
  9. Long press on the "normal" task part of the profile, and you should have an option in that menu to "Add Exit Task".
  10. You can do this pretty trivially with Tasker. Profile: * State: Keyboard out * add an innocuous task as the normal task * Add an exit task which has a step of Display -> System Lock. You need the exit task (as opposed to just inverting the state check) to be sure it doesn't constantly trigger.
  11. For termux, just create ~/.termux/termux.properties with the line: back-key=escape See https://wiki.termux.com/wiki/Terminal_Settings
  12. That phone is missing most of the useful keys from the keyboard! Most of my interaction with the Pro1 keyboard is using the keys "around the edges" so to speak. All the meta keys like tab, escape, control, alt, etc. A keyboard isn't a useful keyboard if it's not a full keyboard.
  13. You can choose whether or not to sync deletes per "folder pair". I have one "folder pair" set up for all of the SD card, with an exclusion for DCIM, and a separate folder pair for DCIM with slightly different rules. You can repeat this pattern and have completely separate rules for any folder. The initial sync is definitely expensive. Once the initial sync is complete it's much better. The whole thing is not as efficient as rsync or unison, but it does work.
  14. If you have a linux box on your LAN (or know enough windows to get a server working) FolderSync works well. I use it for two-way syncing. 99% of the time, it is effectively just a backup tool, copying everything from the (internal and external) sdcards to my linux server. Occasionally, when I want to put something onto the phone, I just put it in the appropriate folder on the server and run a sync. I mostly have stuff on that server in the first place, so it's simple for me. LAN recommended... it operates per file, so the overhead can become prohibitive on a slow connection.
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