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  1. Any root-using software could do it. I hit it using AdAway before I found the Magisk and AdAway option to configure "systemless" mode for both. Some apps or plugins/whatever might have a "systemless" option that prevents modifying the system partition. Check docs, but the best way to know is to test. 😉 The way it works is that an incoming OTA update checks the signature of the filesystem before proceeding, and if it's different at *all*, it can't be applied. OTA updates are basically a binary diff of the whole disk, so any difference from what it expects could result in a completely bric
  2. There are several links to various stock rom packages in this thread: That thread also has instructions for rooting the stock rom. It will require wiping data. This thread Has yet-more images, and also instructions to roll back to older releases. Personally, I recommend rooting, installing all the magisk stuff you want to use, and then testing the ability to upgrade without losing root before you add any other data. You have to be very careful to not modify the system partition to preserve the ability to upgrade.
  3. That link does work, thanks, I'll try it out. Any experience using this for video?
  4. Anyone have links for these apps that work? I've tried searching, but I've found tons of results, and none seem to work. 😞
  5. I've had mine for a bit over a year, since December of 2019, with a several-month gap this past summer while it was repaired/replaced in London. Covid-19 has meant that I'm at home most of the time, so there aren't as many reasons to use the phone keyboard, since I'm not "out and about." I always have quick access to my own real computer instead. The phone is still excellent in most ways. It really does "just work" for almost everything. The keyboard is still great when I use it, battery life is great, etc. No complaints about power or the screen or most of the software. Update
  6. I'm using this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Y6F74F1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_VmSZFbVN4KMV9 and it works great. I'm really happy that FX Tec is supporting this kind of standard thing.
  7. @netman This review was really great! I'm particularly fascinated by the lxc container support... that was really impressive. If anyone else is, there's a reddit post with some more information here:
  8. My pro1 took a little vacation to London to be repaired, and it's now back, so I'm setting it up again. In the stock camera app, if I select "SD Card" for storage, it's writing the files to Android/data/org.codeaurora.snapcam/files rather than to DCIM/Camera. I thought this wasn't the case the last time I had a pro1 set up... Is there a way to get the stock camera to store photos in the standard place (I.E. DCIM/Camera) on the SD card? (and the card is set up as external, not adopted storage. I want it to be usable as a way to move files on and off the device)
  9. Interesting. I'm also using a silicone case like that from a P20 Pro, but not the flip case, and it I don't find that it helps much with screen edges. I really wish we had something similar for the top part of the phone. *That* might help with screen edges, and would protect the phone more.
  10. You can also order a replacement screen assembly directly from support, but it's more expensive. It is a simple process to replace, though.
  11. I have always required root on my phones. I will not buy a phone that can't be rooted. I've even bought phones without a keyboard, but that were rootable. Root is non-negotiable. OTA Updates are affected, not directly by root, but by other things using root to modify the partitions that the OTA updates would affect. The OTA mechanism is a simple binary diff, so if a single byte is out of place, it would fail. This is done to minimize download size. I totally agree that android would be better off for all users if they adopted a finer-grained permission model for apps. In particular,
  12. I've attempted to get Dolphin up and running, but no luck so far. If anyone has a game that's free on the play store that demonstrates the issue, that would be simplest to test.
  13. How would you recommend doing so? I haven't noticed any performance problems so far, so I don't think I have any use cases that would stress it.
  14. Governor: interactive Scheduler: cfq
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