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  1. Hey everyone! Just got my pro1-X and I am loving everything except android 9. 🙂 the form factor is a delight. I found the finger print reader weird until I realized that with more fingers i could unlock it in both landscape and portait. I definitely regret no tasking for lineage os, and might need to flash it later, unless android 10 is on its way. I think the full screen gestures + no menu bar for the phone would just work better. Happy to answer any questions for people on the fence.
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  2. Six months after replacing the screen the ghosts are back:( Same location as last time.
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  3. I'm running LoS 18 with just a few minor hick-ups (check the topic). If you are planning on flashng, I woud suggest going straight to 18. And enjoy your Pro1 👍🏾!
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  4. Hey that's fine 🙂 I didn't know you were (again 😉 ) the only one to work on it. As for /e/ - I find it unfair of you to call it a 'rip-off'. For one you can't "rip-off" an open-source project [unless you talk about violating the license covering it]. You fork it. Which is what /e/ is. A fork. With a lot of stuff that, a few years ago, were in LineageOS/CyanogenMod. All of which was removed from LineageOS over time. Default, built-in root? Removed. Ability to fake or obfuscate geolocation? Removed. On top of all of that, /e/ is an actual no-google-spy stuff distribution.
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  5. I did send them an email inquiry on 05 Jan to confirm what the post office said, that my Pro 1 had been delivered on 30 Dec. They answered today with their confirmation, so they are working, even if from home, and tracking things. I do believe this will take a while and, as Slion suggested, probably won't hear much until they have finished servicing my Pro1. I don't expect that to happen quickly, especially given and intermittent problem (ghost touches-- dramatic when they happen, but not constant or predictable) and the lockdown, but appreciated the quick confirmation.
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  6. Okay, so out of the blue I received a replacement screen for my Pro1 just now. I'm gonna need a while to get it out of all that bubble wrap though. 😅 Update-Edit: It's working! Finally got 100% screen estate again. Took me more time to apply a new screen protector than replacing the screen itself. And the two connectors popped off "like little legos". Now off to work out a way to return the old screen...
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