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  1. Ordered end of august and order number 566XX
  2. Alright - they just answered with an expected ETA of march again.
  3. Nah... they just ignore my request for weeks... and my mail was very friendly.
  4. Or you pay 5$ to support the devs who did an awesome job...
  5. How do you know they have a batch ready? My Samsung S5 mini is growing veeeery annoying 🙂
  6. Usually using the "wrong" should not cause problems. I would just give it a try and return the item if there occur problems.
  7. Would really be nice if they told us when they cannot stick up to the 12 weeks they promised on their homepage
  8. VivaldiAND is pretty new so I expect more to come 🙂
  9. Is there any information when the next batch of Pro1s will be shipped?
  10. I am using an S5 Mini for two months by now... and it as not even mine 😉
  11. I have very rarely seen such an active community around a new phone. Would be really sad if it was all for nothing 😕 It means there are lots of people with interest in FXTecs products.
  12. Write a message to the team. In my case I gave wrong information with the payment so they could not assign it to the order. Support is fast and helpful.
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