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  1. Indeed. I met them at the London event before all the Corona mess. And it was quite obvious that these are really good guys, and kind too. If you could blame them for anything it would be for being overoptimistic, and that communication isn't their strong side. But they undoubtedly really tries to go an extra mile to bring keyboard phones back. I'm amazed to see their stamina! Had it been me, I would have folded after the swindle, but oh no, they 'just' went for reinventing the whole inner part once more!! And Chen's handling of the Moto-Mod project that failed due to Motorola, was also a
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  2. Since I bought my phone I've had to replace my screen before already, but since a few months the replacement has been slowly breaking in the very same way. I've contacted support, and after a long wait and a reminder they got back to me. They asked me to confirm my shipping details and once I've done so, they sent me a replacement module along with a complementary battery and sheet of screw cover stickers right away. (Just like for Milly it seems). This arrived merely 2 days later and I've swapped my screen module over the last weekend, having everything working as it should again. I'm happy
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  3. I doubt that. We do have keyboard cases for tablets for a reason. No matter how big the screen is, a keyboard is in another league!
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  4. Indeed, Say what you want about communication and delays, their customer service is stunning, Got the Pro1 I sent for repairs in December back 2 days after they said it had been repaired and was being shipped, and also with a new battery thrown in. Even though he had seen all the delays, after seeing the CS I was provided, a friend ordered the Pro1x Enthusiasts Perk on IGG. This is a company that cares.
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  5. The problem with this, is that it is just for typing text not controlling your phone like you do with a keyboard, think ctrl + tab and other shortcuts. I wonder if you could develop such a mode where the virtual keyboard is sticky. There is that and the fact that the front screen is way too narrow on the Fold.
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  6. If they can ship the pro1X without wifi and speakers issue it's ok for me 😄 I would better wait for a few months expecting a polished software, I find this honest.
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