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  1. Love my Pro1. Hubby uses a Bluetooth keyboard to type on his phone.
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  2. Phone is now sold. Used Original F(x)tec Pro¹ (SD835) for sale with spare parts, includes: Pro1 Phone running LineageOS 20 (Android 13) with original pouch Replacement screen + repair tools Replacement display backing plate Replacement USB-C board Fully functional, just no longer needed. Some scratches and scuffs on rear of phone. Small black screen bleed blob in lower right corner of screen. Bonus Core i7 sticker to confuse people. 😋 Full disclosure: screen has been replaced due to fault, but there is some lifting at edges where adhesive isn't sticking p
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  3. Are there Pro1X with the shifted keyboard? I thought all the Xs are shift (Expect the X-mas units, which where blue Pro1s).
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  4. I'm not able to tell the difference from the images for sure. I THINK the globe on the space bar is placed a little above the centre line for the original Pro1, and is centred on the Pro1X. It is usually easier spotted from the usb-end, as the usb sits a tad further from the back on the Pro1X (the centre of the plug almost align with the bottom respectively top row of the speaker holes) But yes there are some black Pro1X too, and indeed this one looks pristine from the photos, my Pro1 certainly doesn't look like that any more after four years of wear....
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  6. EDIT 2023-11-25: RESERVED EDIT 2023-11-28: SOLD Pro1, QWERTY version, for sale. Phone condition is new, unused, unlocked. LineageOS 20 installed. Packing: original box with phone (charger, USB cable, lcd protector, original phone grey sleeve). Price: € 650 (EU shipping included) Shipping methods: presonal delivery at Czech republic (preffered) EU - packeta.com (delivery to address) Worldwide - give me notice at PM Please contact me by PM. Thanks. Photos:
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  7. As you got it open, I strongly recommend to charge it, as it causes a lot of trouble if it depletes....
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  8. I hadn't realize there's a page to check the status of the order on FxTec. Thanks for that link, @KaKi87! So I checked my order info: Order #56xxxx, Aug 2020. It is still listed as a black Pro 1. *edit: status says Processing. There was no information on the upgrade to a Pro1x. Does anyone else's show that? Mine is complicated as it then got bundled with the Indiegogo Pro1x I ordered in Nov 2020, but it does not show on the Indiegogo page that I have 2 Pro1xs. My credit card receipt is the only place. Should I be asking about this with @Casey I have no idea when the Au
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