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  1. Hi, yes, we still have Pro1 batteries in stock for purchase. Please send an email to [email protected] if you'd like to order one.
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  2. EDIT: Decided to finally clip this tangent off the Unihertz Slim thread, since I was kind of responsible for the tangent. :D Took me a couple of tries to figure out how "split" works, but I did it. :D I think THIS could turn out to be interesting (keyboard, Android 13, not good for graphic intensive games and video but can otherwise run Android apps and rootable/flashable). I might buy one if it actually becomes available off the shelf, but, no, I am not going to back it on IGG Not encouraging that they are still far from their goal and ordering has slowed down. Now the
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  3. For what it's worth, on asking whether I might still get my phone, I was told they were currently confirming users' addresses in order to resume further shipping... And there was a hint towards more updates appearing on IGG at some point.
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  4. Lineage-21.0-20240302-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on February 5 (2024) security patch, installed smoothly* using OTA *Boot time about 3min. (only the first start after update) !! (while the LOS-Update, I stopped all other updates or backups)
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  5. I have had NUMEROUS mails with Parcelup, and they keep asking me to contact the local delivery, and the local delivery says the parcel has not even reached Denmark yet - so in a bit of a limbo... A lot of time wasted on such a fairly cheap parcel - despite the heavy shipping surcharge.
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