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  1. In order to hear sound with my headphones (Sony WH-XB900N), I also have to deactivate APTX (neither normal nor hd work). Otherwise they are only connected, but nothing can be heard. Is there a solution to this error now?
  2. Ultimately, I even picked up my phone in the local FedEx station after a delivery by FedEx itself did not take place. But now I finally have it and I'm super happy.
  3. fedex has not been able to deliver the phone for two days, even though I am on site all the time. now they have written to me that I was not there. that's incredible. i hope it won't be sent back to Hong Kong or anywhere else now.
  4. Order #80**; March 6, 2019 (QWERTZ); payed on August 1, 2019; stock assigned on April 23, 2020 I also got the tracking number today.
  5. I think they haven't produced enough qwertz-layout devices. Because only igg-backers have received 'stock assigned' emails for this layout yesterday. Pre-order: 06.03.2019 paid: 01.08.2019 Order Number: 80xx IGG: No Layout: QWERTZ Country: Germany No Stock assigned (yet)
  6. I was able to solve the credit card problem by calling my bank. They called directly at VISA and they overruled a lock factor for one day. So I hope to be able to hold the Pro1 in my hands soon.
  7. I have the same problem with the credit card as it has been described several times. Checked also all 3 locations described by @eskerahn.
  8. These are the phones I've used so far, but I don't have a favorite: Nokia 9300i HTC Touch Pro2 Motorola Droid 4
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