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  1. Yesterday i started the set up by restoring a backup from my Nokia 8 and all went well. Today connected it to my lcd through widi, played some music and the first freeze started from nothing. Used GPS before anything happened. Reboot were more than 6. The only app I installed and used that might do something is open camera!?!?
  2. Started using mine today. After some hours and with 80% battery percentage my touchscreen stoped responding but buttons worked. A few hours later it reeboted 5 times in less than 5 minutes. Anyone with same problem?
  3. I suggested a skin protection to Pro 1 such as Samsung Fold's https://www.slickwraps.com/devices/phones/samsung/galaxy-fold.htmlv https://dbrand.com/shop/galaxy-fold-skins Chen liked the idea. It is cheap to fabricate, to install and it is a nice protection
  4. Thanks for shopping with us Hi Hélder, We have finished processing your order. Tracking Information Provider
  5. The case we all saw on Twitter had no quality and because of that Fx Tec team decided not to delay the project for that reason. Instead they will send a sleeve but in the future they will study other ideas for a case. I suggested Chen something like Samsung Fold Skin https://dbrand.com/shop/galaxy-fold-skins or https://www.slickwraps.com/devices/phones/samsung/galaxy-fold.html . It is way cheaper and easy to install.
  6. Good news! We have now assigned the stock for your Pro1 order. The product is on its way from the factory to the regional fulfilment warehouse with customs clearance to follow. We will notify you once tracking details are available. Thanks for your support and continuous patience. Kind regards, F(x)tec Logistics
  7. It will be awesome to have handon videos 🙂
  8. The first batches will be deivered soon as i believe there are pre orders in China aswell
  9. There are many examples of price getting higher before the pre-orders. You can take a look at Cosmo Communicator, for example. I surely don't want half the money back. About people giving up on this i can only feel sorry for them because they are not helping Chen nor his team on doing this. I sold my bike to have money for this and even so i am not upset and will last until the end. Even if my order will be the only one to stay up i will leave it so
  10. For those like me, who have pre-ordered and paid on time i would like to ask Chen and all the team what will be the real benefits (besides the case and heasphones) that we will have. After all the price is still the same and we have been defending this team since the first day.
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