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  1. Usually a giant padded mousepad on a table should be sufficient. I do worry everyday about dropping the phone during the daily commute in the train. Anodised metal looks cool, but oh so slippery
  2. Auto-brightness doesn't work well. Tends to be too bright on many occasions
  3. Not a bug, but the hinge on right side is starting to feel a bit loose in screen extended mode...
  4. sometimes the kb will suddenly input many characters when i just press once. e.g. bbbbbbbbbb btw, am using swiftkey, instead of default gboard. using swiftkey as it provides predictive text...
  5. Perhaps not a "bug" per se, but the imei sticker on the back has started to fade. Best remove it and keep somewhere. And take a photo and save in your cloud drive
  6. Delivery reached office. Too bad am on leave today. Will hug the package tomorrow
  7. woohoo fedex tracking says package has arrived in singapore...
  8. Received email from fxtec yesterday, about stock being assigned. Less than 15min ago, received an email from fedex, saying "A shipment was picked up by FedEx today and is planned for delivery to you by Thursday, 23 January 2020." Strangely there is no mention of fxtec, instead expansys is mentioned, am quite sure I didn't order anything from them, so fingers-crossed it is the pro1... Shipping to Singapore, btw
  9. https://www.fastcompany.com/90446946/this-wacky-smartphone-proves-why-so-many-phones-look-exactly-the-same
  10. just realised it's been almost a year. 😑 everyday i will search my email using the keyword fxtec, hoping to see a email saying something like "your fxtec pro1 is on the way" today i noticed the earliest email was 27 Feb 2019, when i pre-ordered the pro1...
  11. order #4817, from singapore, emailed fxtec to ask about status, their non-reply below
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