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  1. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    I use a usb qi receiver to charge my phone with a wireless charging pad. The usb connector is nearly flush with the edge of the phone, sticks out less than a mm. Tried using magnetic charger, but it sticks out too much.
  2. I got this because I thought it was a glass screen protector according to description, but it appears to be regular plastic. Is it actually glass? Does it shatter if you drop it and protect the screen underneath?
  3. I got this because I thought it was a glass screen protector according to description, but it appears to be regular plastic. Is it actually glass? Does it shatter if you drop it and protect the screen underneath?
  4. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    Here's an image of him holding the display after removing it from the pro1. Can anyone tell what components are part of the display from this image?
  5. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    For anyone who wants to see the display, here's a video link Go to time stamp 02:16 and you can see him holding up the display replacement
  6. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    Umm. I just emailed fxtec and they said you only get the screen?? My message: When you say screen, do you mean just a screen or the entire top half of the phone including the selfie cam, pcb, sensors, etc. Fxtec reply: The screen included in the tech bundle is just the screen on its own (in case you want or need to replace your Pro1(X) screen). So how is it any better than the elephone u screens from aliexpress? I'm confused...
  7. I'm one of those who want a big phone with a big screen as I want to run linux chroot on it. Having a big screen is vital for using desktop applications as the text will be rather small since it's not made for mobile phones. However, I have a suggestion that would appease both big phone and small phone users. Use a split keyboard design. That way no matter how big the phone is the keyboard keys will be in easy reach with our thumbs.
  8. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    Okay then that's a good deal. Cause I thought $10 screen protector + $50 battery + 2x$30 screens (price on aliexpress for screen) = $120, so where are they getting $219 from? But if it includes all those things, then it makes a lot more sense.
  9. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    I know you can purchase elephone u screen to replace pro1 screen, but is there any place you can purchase a battery replacement for pro1 other than the IGG perk?
  10. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    What exactly is included in the tech bundle on IGG? It says 2x screen protector, 1x battery, 1x screen. It doesn't mention anything about providing a selfie cam, pcb, sensors, and assembly kit. I thought it was just providing a screen like you can get for elephone u from aliexpress.
  11. Where can I buy glass screen protectors for pro1? I feel that they would provide more protection to the screen in case of a drop. I know that Brotect has something called AirGlass screen protector and while they don't provide those for Pro1, they do provide it for elephone U, so I assume I could use those. Are there any other options available for glass screen protectors? Also has anyone used the AirGlass screen protector elephone U version with their pro1, and how has your experience been?
  12. I think the main issue is that while crowdfunding is NOT the same as a purchase, it FEELS like a regular purchase. https://wp.josh.com/2014/01/21/read-this-before-you-contribute-to-an-indiegogo-campaign/ The blog post lists some complaints about how IGG tries to make the experience of crowdfunding similar to that of shopping despite attempting to avoid the legal obligations of normal ecommerce sites. So I'm sure plenty of people who are crowdfunding for the first time are easily swayed into thinking that they are guaranteed to receive a product. Now you can call them naive and
  13. This analogy isn't quite right. The "shares" in your analogy aren't the phone, what you're buying is the "perk" not the phone. You're buying the opportunity to receive a phone. You're not buying the phone itself. So you have already received your 20 shares (ie. your perk). Now if fxtec delivers a phone, you are essentially cashing in your shares to receive something of actual value (the phone) rather the paper you currently own (your perk). But if Fxtec is unable to deliver the phone, your paper just became worthless as the "stocks" value dropped to 0. Due to the downgrade, the valu
  14. I definitely agree that crowd funding isn't the same as a purchase. The question is how does the credit lender view them? If there's no explicit mention of crowdfunding in their chargeback policy, it's entirely possible they'll view it as a purchase instead of an investment. That's what I meant when I said the credit lenders have all the power, since their decision is all that matters regardless of how we or IGG define an investment versus a purchase. And yes from a business point of view, it makes sense that Fxtec wouldn't want to scare away potential investors by revealing information p
  15. Yes, I don't see any language referring to crowdfunding, so I assume the credit lender would regard them as pre-orders rather than investments. So a change in date of delivery and specs may qualify for a chargeback. That being said every lender is going to have their own internal policies in how they view crowdfunding, so it's impossible to say with any certainty. As for whether people are entitled to a refund, that's an ethical question every person needs to decide for themselves. I'm personally fine with the changes, so I won't be seeking refund. So I have absolutely no idea whe
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