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  1. Is it possible to pry out existing key caps and replace them with 3d resin printed key caps? Are the key caps glued into place? I looked at the pro1 disassembly video, but the keyboard was never disassembled from the main body. I want to replace them with more textured concave key caps.
  2. I just thought of a few more reasons why the z fold soft keyboard annoyed me. 6) There's no way to hold down a key to send multiple presses at once. For example, I'm using evil in emacs and I'm trying to go down some text; I can hold down the j key on my desktop to go down multiple lines quickly. However, with a soft keyboard holding down a key doesn't work that way. A key press only registers once you let go of the key. The only thing you can do with a long press is pop up a different symbol to input. Thus, I have to repeatedly press the key to go down one line at a time. So it's ju
  3. Definitely a keyboard with fewer keys would be more comfortable to type on. I think it's as comfortable as it could be given how many keys it has, and the extra modifier keys more than make up for the slight discomfort (at least for me personally). I think the only way it would be more comfortable is a split keyboard, but that would require an even longer phone. True, the touch typing is the main selling point, and it isn't really built for thumb typing. I suppose it may appeal to someone who's going to use the keyboard only when a flat surface is available, and otherwise avoid using t
  4. I also use evil and vim keybindings on emacs. I remapped the left Alt on Pro1's keyboard to Ctrl key and remapped right Ctrl to Escape key. Thus, the most used modifier keys are near the home row. I have similar keybindings on my desktop mechanical keyboard as well, so there's a nice parallel. I can also remap the yellow arrow key on the right side to Ctrl, so I can still have two Ctrl keys. I also owned the Gemini and Cosmo Communicator. I just found them too bulky and awkward to thumb type on; 95% of the time I'll be using the phone while holding it in my hands, so the touch typing
  5. From what I understand, they have everything they need to produce the phones. So now it's just a matter of assembly and shipping. Therefore any supply chain issues due to COVID will no longer affect shipping estimates?
  6. I've owned both a z fold 2 and pro1 in my quest to find the best phone for running emacs and linux. I got the z fold 2 because one, it has amazing specs, and two, I thought I might be able to use the soft keyboard with emacs runnng in a terminal with termux. Now let me say, the soft keyboard on the z fold 2 feels amazing, the best I've ever used. I can feel the vibration as I press each key and the tactile sensitivity is wonderful. However, I ended up returning it because a soft keyboard has several limitations compared to a hard keyboard. 1) Most soft keyboards don't have
  7. Here is an image of the keyboard prototype for the pinephone. Appears very similar to planet computers keyboard design. I still feel fxtec pro1 keyboard geared toward thumb typing and a full 60% keyboard layout is vastly preferable for linux users to this type of layout. Hopefully, pinephone will make a slider keyboard with a layout similar to pro1's one day. Actually, it sounds like they're already working on one: https://liliputing.com/2020/07/pinephone-linux-smartphone-could-get-a-slide-out-keyboard-acessory.html
  8. Held the button for 10 sec, charged for 10 min, and held again for 10 sec, but still nothing. Is there anything else I can do?
  9. Hello, Got my used Pro1 off ebay several months ago and has worked beautifully since then running Lineage OS 17.1. But this morning I found that it won't turn on and it won't charge, or at least the indicator light for charging doesn't show up. Some more info: I use a 1 amp qi receiver plugged into my phone and use a wireless charging pad to charge my phone. I usually leave the phone on the pad, so it's usually at 100% most days. I was using the phone pretty heavily yesterday: on a call for several hours. But the phone has never been dropped while in my possession
  10. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    I use a usb qi receiver to charge my phone with a wireless charging pad. The usb connector is nearly flush with the edge of the phone, sticks out less than a mm. Tried using magnetic charger, but it sticks out too much.
  11. I got this because I thought it was a glass screen protector according to description, but it appears to be regular plastic. Is it actually glass? Does it shatter if you drop it and protect the screen underneath?
  12. I got this because I thought it was a glass screen protector according to description, but it appears to be regular plastic. Is it actually glass? Does it shatter if you drop it and protect the screen underneath?
  13. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    Here's an image of him holding the display after removing it from the pro1. Can anyone tell what components are part of the display from this image?
  14. lawliett

    Spare Parts

    For anyone who wants to see the display, here's a video link Go to time stamp 02:16 and you can see him holding up the display replacement
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